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  • Writings of a Broken Mind
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    Writings from my brain.

  • The Bite
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    The fight with Glory might be over, but new problems seem to brew when a low brow gang of vampire hunters target Spike's crypt. Will Buffy keep him safe? Will Spike die at the hands of the new hunters? There's only one way to find out. *Will be published in parts, normally 3 parts per update!* **Contains very graphi...

  • Indartsu
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    Means strong in basque. Just writings about my home life. Some are poems some are not. This is my outlet because I am not able to talk about my home life so I write about it. I will not be another silent victim.

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    Ivy Tate has her whole life ahead of her but nothing to live for. The earth has been spewing its guts for years and her family didn't survive it. The only upside? She's a witch. ***** Contrary to popular opinion, magic can't always save lives, and I...

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    As the seas rise and threaten to bury her, Ivy Tate fights a battle her family already lost. But, now, she's not fighting alone. ***** Imagine you survived the apocalypse, but you lost your family in the process. Imagine you did...

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    Ashleigh was normal until Dumbledore appeared and told her she was a witch and is going to start her first year at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry. What happens when she meets two red haired twins at kings cross? Join her at her first year of magic school! Full of pranks, awkward situations and detention wi...

  • 21st Century Girl In Hogwarts
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    Okay so Eva Sparks is your average performer living life, and she's very smart mouthed. The only difference is Eva is a witch from a famliy of wizards that attend hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardy. Getting into trouble landed her into hogwarts but how will a 21st centtury girl react to everything..

  • When in Hogwarts
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    This is a story of Lily Dover. She has no place. She just is. And she's a witch. In her final year at school, she is transferred to Beauxbatons and can't speak a word of French. She goes to Hogwarts for the TriWizard Tournament and hopes to make some friends. Nothing she does goes to plan... Disclaimer: I only own Lil...

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    Alex is not shy, she's simply following her rules to hide in the background of life in general. Or at least she's doing her best to be 'at the fardest end of the social spectrum' Strictly reserved to her own things that vary from music to... pretty much anything related to that, Alex lives the normal life of a highsch...