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  • Reiji Sakamaki x Reader
    278K 7.2K 39

    Sadism, masochism, who knew that you would prefer both. What will happen when you learn that you actually enjoy these torturous beings? And what will happen when it's just not enough. If you want to find out, take a peak inside.

  • Laito (Raito) Sakamaki x Reader
    140K 3.5K 26

    Your neck is still fang free, but you can't say the same for your poor legs and chest. That stupid perverted vampire just won't quit until he gets what he most desires. But can you change his cold dead heart? Take a look for yourself if you dare.

  • Subaru Sakamaki x Reader
    238K 8.3K 43

    Vampires, love, passion, anger, and guilt. All combined into one romantic love story. Welcome to the mansion of the Sakamaki's and make yourself comfortable because you won't be leaving...ever! Enjoy yourself as you are tugged into the world of vampires and love.

  • My Best Friend, My Hero (Vanitas Love Story)
    1.7K 38 7

    Lace and Vanitas have been best friends since childhood. He has always saved her when things went wrong. But one night when Lace goes over to a friend's house, she just walked into a scary situation. Will she fight for what might be taken from her until she can't anymore or will Vanitas come to her rescue once again...