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  • The Runaway | Supernatural | ✓
    279K 8.9K 19

    [ COMPLETED IN 2015 - UNDERGOING EDITING IN 2020 ] ❝Who the hell are you two? Coming in here guns blazing. This isn't Texas.❞ ❝I'm Dean Winchester. This is my brother Sam. We're hunters and you're in serious trouble.❞ - - - Leila Connors had been running her whole life. Away from the things that terrified her...

  • REGRETS | Dean Winchester [1]
    416K 10.5K 20

    ❝We all have REGRETS in our life.❞ But meeting her was anything but regret. --------------------- A lovely trailer by: @deprivation Published: July 2014 --------------------- BOOK ONE: Regrets | Dean Winchester [ Completed/Editing, because I'm a lazy ass] BOOK TWO: Faith | Castiel [Snail Updates] BOOK THREE: Choice...

  • Bad Moon Rising {Supernatural}
    16K 755 3

    [DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the CWs characters. This is a stand alone story and does not follow the events in Supernatural, nor does it take place in any particular season. The plot line is of my own creation.] Piper Lux was raised by the wolves-- hunters. You can only imagine what sort of woman it made her. Easy...

  • My confused angel: A Castiel love story
    36.7K 1.4K 25

    "Wait!" Why aren't you gonna kill me?" I ask. Meg turns around. "Cause.... you have a part to play" She says. "Part to play? In what?" I ask in confusement. "The Apocalypse, silly." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ella Winchester is Sam and Dean's half-sister. She didn't know that she had two brothers until her mom dies an...

  • Hunter (Supernatural Fanfic)
    379K 14.4K 77

    Let me tell you this; hunting isn't all glory. It's filled with death, and pain, and misery. As a Hunter myself, I'll advise you that revenge isn't worth it. Because of revenge, I got my whole family captured. I let my anger and pride get in the way of rational thought. In an unlikely turn of events, I struck a deal w...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Darkest Road {Supernatural: Book Two}
    213K 6.3K 18

    [BOOK TWO] One of the few creatures in the world that could bring you to your knees in seconds made herself welcome in the hearts of the Winchesters. With John Winchester dead, all Roslyn has left is Sam and Dean. The three are clinging to each other now more than ever, seeking solace in all the destruction that has b...

  • The Long Drive {Supernatural}
    637K 18.7K 23

    [BOOK ONE - COMPLETE] She's not human. Her soul sings to all things. She has a soul bearing "Lucifer's Curse." When God created humans, it piqued the curiosity of the few major angels. They liked his design, and they used it to shape their own creature from the dust of stars. Thus, a creature known as a Curtanis was b...

  • Cursed Dawn [Supernatural Fanfiction)
    9.4K 317 9

    The Winchester brothers return to uncover one of the darkest serial murderers in the States. After the abduction of several children in Arkansas, Sam and Dean set out to find the monster, believing the case wouldn't last more than a day. However, after a separation, they encounter a force far smarter, scarier, and d...

  • Brother's Proverb [Supernatural Fanfiction]
    11.2K 543 15

    After losing Dean to a league of demons in attempt to save a fallen angel, Sam is given one chance to rescue him. But when he is pitted against a forgotten deal he had made with a demon, Sam has to find a way to redeem himself before his brother is killed. But how can Sam rescue Dean when the bargaining chip was alr...