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  • voodoo doll // c.hood
    283K 7.3K 47

    in which an indecisive boy with a forged love for soccer meets a damaged but strong-willed girl who only wants to run away ➸ completed ©dirtbagash credits to @helloimindipops for the cover

  • 10:53 [calum hood]
    6M 140K 34

    "long story short, i hated calum hood." (cover by elle)

  • chasing love ;; cth
    2.1M 51.2K 40

    ❝You chased me for a long time, so I figured it was time for me to chase you.❞ copyright © paradisin || 2014

  • [completed] Falling For You - A Calum Hood Fanfic
    2.2M 40.1K 38

    Rebecca Grace Irwin is the sister of Australian superstar Ashton Irwin. The pair have been seperated for the past six years since their parents divorce. Rebecca has been living with her father whereas Ashton chose to live with his mum in sunny syndey... before the whole band thing anyway. Many things have changed sinc...

  • Pretending (A Calum Hood Fan Fiction)
    4.8M 128K 91

    Calum believes that he's got everything a guy could ever wish for: popularity, a band with his best friends, and pretty girls in his high school swooning over him. He always thinks that whatever Calum wants, Calum gets. But of course, nothing stays the same. It all started when a girl named Kristen bumped and crashed...

  • talk fast // calum hood
    253K 3.8K 41

    won't last, I'm okay with that // burn, crash, romance -basically a Calum fluff book with occasional smut and a big surprise at the end :) (previously called If These Walls Could Talk) highest rank: #1 in 5sosfanfic (sept-nov. 2018)

  • Afraid // Calum Hood
    10.6M 305K 55

    "Calum, why is everyone in this town so afraid of you?" [this isn't scary i promise]

  • Friends or More? (Book 1) [l. hemmings]
    10.7M 264K 49

    In which Luke is in love with his best friend Victoria, who has a not-so-great boyfriend. Trying to navigate relationships, friendships and Luke's band rapidly rising to fame, will the pair remain friends, or become something more?

  • She's The Man [5SOS]
    24.6M 736K 56

    "Julie, truth or dare?" That was the question that started it all, really. I was dared to dress, act, and nearly BE a boy for a month, me getting cash out of it if I succeed. But will I fail because of these four boys?.. COPYRIGHTED © BRITISHBUMS

  • Roommates || Calum Hood
    20.7M 547K 69

    "Hopefully being roommates will settle your arguments."