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  • On The Plus Side
    153K 7.3K 37

    In which an overweight girl who loves chocolate a little to much resolves to lose weight with the help of a brooding and overly mysterious boy. Highest Rankings: [#1 body image][#20 romance][#2 rising][#95 humor]

  • Raconteur || H.S
    339 202 10

    "Every word. Every hurt. Every moment. It all comes back." This story may contain sexual content or vulgar language, so read at your own risk! - - - COPYRIGHT © 2017, halohazza All rights reserved, please don't copy and/or steal my ideas.

  • Yellowstone
    1.1K 279 9

    Highest chart in short story #232 Yellowstone National Park is home to numerous geological features, including one super volcano. Georgianna van der Linden lives in the Upper East Side and owns her own fashion line. She's very career driven and doesn't let anything stop her moving forward. Not even a volcano. Jerry...

  • Rich Kids and Zombies [On Hold]
    7.4K 1.6K 13

    "If you like zombies but are tired of the clichés of the post-apocalyptic world, this story is for you!" - Reader When America is suddenly hit by a mysterious virus that turns all the infected into mindless, flesh-eating zombies, no one is more surprised than eight of the richest, snobbiest, and most incapable kids yo...

  • Mystic Horse
    220 39 8

    School Holidays are close to ending, somehow it doesn't feel like it. I lay on bed as I equip my bag with all my new books and pencil case making sure all are labeled 'Bella Sawn'. I'm still trying to get my head around the fact I will be year 10 this year. First Year of High School... Goodbye naplan and hello exams t...

  • Sengoku Visions I
    7.5K 458 22

    A modern day woman finds herself thrown into a surreal reality. Out of place in Kai Province, overwhelmed, but not daunted, she becomes enamoured by the charismatic power of Lord Takeda Shingen, embraced by the boyish charm of Lord Sanada Yukimura, and starstruck by the enigmatic Kirigakure Saizo. Can she find a place...

    Completed   Mature
  • Such a Beautiful Massacre ✔
    5.4K 261 9

    From the moment Hannah Owens and her family arrive at their new home in England, there's something slightly odd about the place that she feels but can't quite place. It's not long before things take a creepy turn. First, Hannah's mind is plagued by unwanted nightmares. Then, a set of strange occurrences go on in the h...

  • She's in Charge-ON HOLD
    41.3K 2.1K 18

    CURRENTLY ON HOLD INDEFINITELY "A war is starting young man, your pack was a threat to our kind," he said as he squeezed tighter on Alec's neck. "Rayna leave!" Her brother yelled with ferocity. With tears streaming down her face, Rayna turned on her heels and ran into the woods. "I will avenge you and our parents!" w...

  • ˗ˏˋAn Angel Lives in My Basementˎˊ˗
    75K 4K 35

    ❝What would you do, If you saw an angel literally fall from the sky?❞ Bring him home! ʚ¡ɞ Rose Williams is your average teen, with an equally average and normal life. She is not at the top of school's status quo but she isn't at the bottom either. She isn't rich but can afford. She has no issues whatsoever. Her...

  • Keep Tension Here (Divergent Without War Fanfiction)
    8.4K 404 49

    Discover the ups and downs of Four and Tris's lives if their hadn't been a war. Al is still dead (sorry guys), and it starts at the ranking ceremony. THIS WILL HAVE SOME SPOILERS IN IT. THIS IS YOUR WARNING. Enjoy and all rights go to Veronica Roth.

  • Strange Script
    47 6 9

    Some weird disturbing things I come up with

  • After The War (A Harry Potter fanfic)
    2.3K 29 8

    Ever wondered how Harry and Ron proposed to Ginny and Hermione? Which other Hogwarts students married each other? Did Luna and Neville get together? Did Draco change? Read and find out what happened to your fave HP characters. DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters, just this plot. Any pictures I...

  • Nadia the Fire Witch - (on hold)
    930 77 10

    Nadia Kemp is a very special witch. Why is she special? Only her family knows. Nadia, a lonely witch, is the new girl in town. After years of homeschooling, Nadia begins her countdown until the first day of school but finds herself targeted by persons unknown. Determined to have the normal high school life she's dream...

  • Secrets Hidden in Silence | 🔛
    141 18 4

    I don't know why I keep helping him this way when he doesn't give me anything that I want in return. I'm not totally his, but I'm nobody else's either. And I don't want to be. So I stick with what he gives me, because it's better than nothing. I rather have a night a week than never feel him in my arms again. He say...

  • Jacked! ∆ Under Construction ∆
    121K 4.8K 37

    Highest ranking #37 in Humor Estelle Young. She's the girl with the ride and a few voices in her head. Impulsive with a knack for irritating people with her talkative nature, her personality proves to be a liability when she meets the anti-social. . . Abe Cunningham. The boy with a gun, secrets, and places to go. Oh...

  • Senior Year
    533 83 9

    Emily just wanted to get through high school drama free , and become an art student at her dream college . Stay forever friends with her two best friends Madelyn and Eric , maybe even get noticed once by her crush since freshman year . But everything changes when someone from her past comes back , forbidden love comes...

  • The Heavenly Awards 2017 [Closed]
    23.4K 1.2K 8

    [Closed. Completed.] - NEXT AWARDS IN 2018 Are you an undiscovered writer? Or are you hugely popular? It doesn't matter. TheHeavenlyAwards does not take into account the amount of reads your book has, but only the quality of your writing. Do you think you have what it takes to win? [Highest Rank: #92 in R...

  • 100 Letters Before Survival
    859 367 12

    A young nineteen year old Canadian boy, Cameron Reid, receives a hundred letters from an unknown writer. Each letter includes different instructions and messages that appealed weird to him. Frustrated by these pieces of papers, he collected the letters instead of following what is written on it. All these letters are...

  • Choices | On Hold
    1.1K 323 7

    They say one choice could change your entire life. For 18-year-old Nigel Paxley, his life-altering choice came to him on an icy evening at the intersection of a run-down road. On the intersection sat a red convertible, and inside that red convertible sat the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. She beckoned him forw...

  • The Ghost Of Him (Complete)
    79.1K 4.2K 42

    HIGHEST RANK: #47 ON TEEN FICTION (10/02/2017) (Previously known as dear Caleb) Once upon a time there was a broken girl who lives in the shadow. One day she saw a boy who was sitting alone by the lake. There was something in him that attracted her towards him. She was unfamiliar with this feeling. With the star above...

  • Her Memoirs
    692 72 17

    "A poet does not need an environment to write on.. He/she can create one of his/her own". Few but much to express and meet the real world. No matter whether that's any relationship, love, hatred, sorrow or anything else. Everything is pure and from the very core of the heart. A book that tries to conveys every usual f...

  • tea and honey (complete) (Wattys 2017)
    4.7K 600 32

    TEA AND HONEY Based on the book Milk and Honey by Rupi Kuar Part One: The Loving Part Two: The Broken Part Three: The Hatred Part Four: The Cure Part Five: The Happiness

  • Evil Critiques
    2.1K 160 5

    I am an evil person. And I am here to either rip your story apart and tear it to shreds, fix a lot of minor issues, or love you till the day you die. Your story decides. Warning: The average story will be in the category of: "I am Satan and I shall rip your story apart." But if you think you've got what it takes to...

  • The Serial Killer in me
    113K 7.2K 26

    Edited by: a very lovely @jgfairytales Can you love a serial killer? No? Why not? How would you know they were a serial killer? It could be your neighbor. It could be your friend. It could be your lover. Do you actually know the people around you? Their past? Not some... but all of it? Well, I'm here to tell you... no...

  • Because Of Him
    1.1K 416 11

    "I hate that you're bad." "I hate that you're good." ●●● Jack Hunter, the stereotypical bad boy, with the constant attraction to girls and the need to being the center of attention. McKayla Stone, the skater girl who blends in with the crowd and doesn't draw attention to h...

  • So like... you love me? [COMPLETED]
    956 456 13

    ...I'm too lazy to do description.😬 "All you need to know is that at the beginning the story is a bit boring, (like all books) but if u keep reading, it's actually really nice with a turn of events. " ---JK Rowling ...

  • The Divination of Deities (Ongoing)
    242 17 7

    (Your comments make the story better, so please give me input on what I'm doing right or wrong. Don't hold back, comment on everything!) The Greek gods of Olympus are in danger of destruction when an unknown threat begins creating an army meant to go up against Zeus himself. Seven teenagers band together to combat thi...

  • I Hate You Mr.popular
    71K 4.3K 23

    Hai...assalammualaikum... Memandangkan ff see you again telah pun melabuhkan tirainya semalam.... Sye nak buat ff bru tpi still ada exo(sbb sis ska exo) Tajuk:i hate you mr.popular... Watak utama:song ji hyo&suho exo... Watak sampingan:sehun exo,yoona,exo dan running man... Sinopsis... Chun sung im gadis yg masih menu...

  • Beauty Always Has a Price
    1.1K 221 11

    For the first time, she actually felt that someone cared about her. She thought he needed to be shown love and affection, but that wasn't the case. She wanted to show him the brighter side of the word. He played her, he played her like a never ending board game. She fell for his games, even though she was intelligent...

  • The Reason it Happened
    828 33 8

    "Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together,but do so with all your heart." Sonny May Wilkins is a sophomore at West Minnus University. She thinks it's going to be another boring year at school until Micah Walker, the starting guard on the basketball team takes...