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  • Los Angeles
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    Στον σύγχρονο κόσμο που ζουν έμαθαν να αποκαλούν τον ρομαντισμό κλισέ. Να συμπεριφέρονται παράλογα, σαν να μην τους νοίαζει, σαν μην πληγώνονται ποτέ και για τίποτα. Καλύπτουν κάθε είδος συναισθήματος με ένα αστείο, με ένα χαμόγελο. Κάποιοι όμως συνειδητοποιούν ότι γεννήθηκαν σε άλλη εποχή όμως δεν μπορούν να κάνουν τ...

  • The boy next door //E.D
    2.7K 75 12

    he's been watching me for what it seems like hours , should i be worried..?

  • boy with luv. | bts
    6M 228K 173

    original title: BTS ✉️ T E X T drabbles, blurbs, one-shots

  • Bts Kidnapped Me?! ||BtsXreader||~1~
    1.4M 45K 50

    ~COMPLETE~ // cover by @btscherrykiwi // You were Korean but the thing is you never care about kpop idol before. Until one day, you being forced by your friend to go to the fan meeting that change your life.... If it not you better prepare your flying donkey and fly from wherever you are. It better like that tho~~ ||B...

  • A High School Life//Ethan Dolan FanFiction
    3.9K 92 11

    Don't read.I don't know the descripciton😕

    Completed   Mature
  • A summer with the Dolan Twins
    18.7K 588 38

    Allyson knew better... she wasn't supposed to fall for him but.. who wouldn't? Prohibited romance, hard decisions and unforgettable moments will cross her path in an incredible summer... A summer with the Dolan Twins.

  • Abandoned// Ethan Dolan
    2.9K 121 7

    BANG BANG!!! The sound of gun shots firing woke me up. What was going on? Was mum and dad okay?! I slowly make my way downstairs, scared of not only the dark but because something bad was going on. "Ethan!" I heard my dad scream my name, "Where's your brother?!" He asked, soon I heard the pattering of feet coming down...

  • Special days~~septiplier~~
    6.9K 176 28

    Mark is a jock and the most popular guy in school.He is also kind of a jerk. Jack keeps to him self and is a nerd. He has 2 really close friends,Felix and qwinn.

  • shy | g.dolan
    137K 1.9K 14

    "Don't be so shy, babygirl. It's just me." ©69dolans all rights reserved

  • Dark Angels / g.b.d & e.g.d.
    86.7K 2K 37

    They were my angels, and i was their precious rose in the garden full of other beautiful flowers. But, they were different. And they made me different too.