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    ❝ my name is barry allen and i'm the fastest man al- ❞ ❝ hold it speedy, what about the reverse flash and zoom? they both are faster than you. ❞ ❝ well, technically, but they're dead now. ❞ ❝ alright, lightning mcqueen, what about savitar? ❞ ❝ . . . ❞ ❝ your intro should be: my na...

  • METAHUMANS, the flash gif series.
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    METAHUMANS. ミ☆ ' may the speedforce be with you. ' highest ranking #8 in gifs ( the flash gif series ! ) © wallywests, unlike the flash, slow updates

  • Cringe Worthy Moments in Fanfiction.
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    Things in fanfictions that make everyone cringe. Like really, really cringe. A lot.

  • Fonts
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    where i give you the names of fonts i use highest rank: ˗ˏˋ #2 in fonts ˎˊ˗

  • Je t'aime » one shots. [on hold]
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    [ONE SHOTS; ONGOING] "One shots from the depths of my mind."

  • Beyond the Box
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    What does it mean to go beyond the box?

  • Bromance Awards (Holiday 2014)
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    This is the results and final standings of the Holiday 2014 awards. Congratulations to all winners, and thank you to everyone who participated!