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  • Jack Frost x Reader
    53.2K 1.4K 16

    I have recently been very interested in Jack Frost so here's a small dedication romance story to Jack <3 There will be chapters coming soon. So please tell me your thoughts on the story and if u want more.

  • Jack Frost x Reader~ My Snowflake {Wattys2017}
    113K 3.5K 50

    You're a normal girl living an ordinary life until you meet Jack Frost and the guardians. You live with them, fighting evil and figuring new stuff about yourself everyday. Including your sudden crush on the white- haired 'myth'. But you've made a quick enemy with one of the guardians as well. Wondering how you're gon...

  • Colder Than Ice
    245K 10.4K 56

    Highest Ranking : #1 in understanding/death/war/change/family/ second chance mates, #19 in werewolf, #59 in teen fiction. She was rejected. He was cheated on. He was cold. She was never the same. He was a Beta. She was a nobody. She was heartless. He gave her life meaning. They said she was colder than ice. Bu...

  • How I Fell Into His Life
    48.8K 1.4K 33

    Highest rank: #281 in teen fiction | 12/15/17 | Natalie Porter first met Jackson Wilson at the age of thirteen as a seventh grader. They became close friends after she moved to the town. It was her first day at her new school, she met her group of friends because a boy tripped her, that boy was Jackson. They be...

    17.2K 5.8K 64

    What would you do if your boyfriend traveled away from you? because his parents don't want you near him....and after you've traveled away from your family and your friends for him... you believed everybody that he's not the love of your life and you believed in DESTINY.... ........... Winner of People's choice "fan fi...

  • Emerson
    223 51 3

    There's a mysterious new girl in town and she has everyone talking. Stunningly curvy and devastatingly pale, all the boys want her. However, Emerson has a secret - she's a cold-blooded hybrid, the world's first. After living under the protection of vampire royalty for so long, she must abandon her old life in light o...

  • Wish | Chat Noir X Reader
    617K 17K 40

    You've loved the show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. You've watched every episode over 10 times. What happens when an 11:11 wish you've wished for a thousand times finally comes true? Did this happen for a good or bad reason? Read to find out. I MADE THIS WHEN I WAS 15 AND MY WRITING HAS IMPROVED TREMENDOUS...

  • Silence (TFP)
    116K 4.1K 21

    (Transformers Prime Universe) A girl finally finds a peaceful place to be in the world. At least, she thought it was peaceful. She didn't know that she was in the middle of a war.

  • Transformers Prime. The fourth Child.
    174K 5.2K 17

    Jack, Raph and Miko, weren't the only ones to know of the Autobots existence, a fourth child had seen them as well. This follows the story about Alex. A 17 year old girl, with many problems, her life is changed completely when the Autobots comes into her life. But she isn't the only one who's world will change. So Mi...