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  • His Kitten, Falling Down - Sebastian x Reader
    898K 32.2K 34

    Psst! This is the third book! The first and second books are on my profile~ New trouble has brewed up in the Phantomhive Manor, Ash is still on the prowl, and an annoying blonde haired brat is enraged with the death of his beloved butler seeks out revenge. Will your relationship with Sebastian carry on, or hang by the...

  • That Kitten, Kidnapped - Sebastian x Reader
    948K 35.9K 24

    This is the second book of my series! Oh, you thought things were going well with living in the Phantomhive Manor with your beloved Sebastian? Get ready because it seems like a few demons, and maybe even a reaper have their eyes on you! The first kidnapping was just the beginning.

  • His Kitten - Sebastian x Reader
    1.4M 51.3K 17

    First Book: His Kitten - Second Book: That Kitten, Kidnapped - Third Book: His Kitten, Falling Down First place in the Kuroshitsuji category in the 2014 AWA's I was a maid that was left behind in the middle of the night left with no place to stay, until I ran into a very dashing butler and his young lord. The butler's...