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  • Chasing Status: Talk Geeky To Me (Published on Amazon & Kindle!)
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    "Name one thing you and him have in common." I bit my lip. I didn't know what to say. "Our initials are both on the periodic table." That was about as close as anyone could get to seeing what Chase Summers and Emma Steele, The Geek & The Pretty Girl had in common. Emma is a senior at Orange County High School and...

  • Hear Here: Emerging Authors Contest
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    Dear Wattpad users, We are happy to announce the Hear Here Emerging Authors Contest, now open on Wattpad! Hear Here is an arts and culture organization based in Toronto, Canada. We host popular, salon-style events at popup locations around the city, collaborating with artists of a variety of mediums and designing dyn...

  • The Contests Book (previously Do You Want To Win A Review)
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    Are you just starting out or perhaps you've been on wattpad for a while but could still use some feedback? Maybe you'd like a shout-out? Or perhaps you want more followers? Then this book is just for you! In it I'll post the competitions I organize. Participate to get a chance to win a review on your book, a shout-out...

  • #SPKSADcontest Rules
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    Valentine’s Day?! BORING. That’s why Sour Patch Kids is ALL about Singles Awareness Day!! To celebrate, I’m holding a #SPKSADContest (SAD = Singles Awareness Day). I want, no, NEED, to hear your story of love and singledom. It should obvi start sour but end totally sweet. Srsly, who doesn’t love a happy ending? SO, su...