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  • ♥ CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenarios ♥
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    Hey it's been awhile!! How y'all doing?

  • Admin's #Selfies Book!
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    This is where I put selfies of meh! :333 so yeah enjoy ^-^ ~Admin

  • Creepypasta Lemons
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    Your POV mostly. My first story I made back when I was like 12. Does have spelling and grammar mistakes. Don't @ me about them. Negative comments will be deleted. Enjoy....

    Completed   Mature
  • ~(°-°~) Creepypasta Lemons (~°-°)~[FINISHED BOOK]
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    A/N: These will be my first attempt at writing lemons, if you don't know Lemons are stories that have strong sexual content, most of the reason why i rated this R.... Also i may end up cussing a lot if you don't like that then don't read any further. These are to please the strange minds like mine in which we fantasiz...

    Completed   Mature
  • Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios [COMPLETED]
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    Here is the stories for Jeff, Slender, BEN, and Eyeless jack. I will be in the story later on. I will mention other creepypastas if that's what you want. I always love suggestions and stuff so thanks!

  • Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios Discontinued
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    A couple of scenarios for when you the reader, fall in love with a creepypasta! Check it out and see if your favorite creepypasta is in it! Updates not very frequent, but you'll be in for a good laugh I promise, maybe even some refrences.

  • CreepyPasta Boyfriend Scenarios
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    CreepyPasta fan girl? This is the place. Imagines on your favorite CreepyPasta characters. Vote, comment and add to your library. Don't have your favorite? Comment and I'll be sure to add him. :•)

  • Reflection (Yandere!Human!Male!Toy Bonnie x Female!Reader)
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    Plot: You are a shy teenage goody-twoshoes girl who meets a suspicious teenage boy near the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in 1987. You fall in love with him in first glance but you have no idea on what lies in his true reflection. I do not own Five Nights at Freddy's or Toy Bonnie, the product belongs to Sco...

  • Lemons x Readers
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    Lemons x Readers. Lemon, meaning sexual & erotic things... Aha. For readers that are mature please. I've now warned you. This series contains extreme graphic words, or makes a vivid mental pictures. I take request! Creepypasta, Blackbutler, Band members, Artist, Ect. & Follow, vote, & comment.

  • Sober! Gamzee x Human reader: You're my pet. {DISCONTINUED}
    49.9K 768 7

    {first name} {last name} just meet someone on Pesterchum, Karkat Vantas. But when she finally is able to meet him, what if she also meets his moirail Gamzee Makara? Will she finally make two new friends? Or will sometihng deeper happen to their relationships?

  • Jeff the Killer x Pregnant!Reader - Memories
    23.3K 239 2

    You have been staying with your aunt for a while, ever since a certain incident...but who do you meet lurking around the bloodstained woodpile...?