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  • Trust Me (A Harry Styles FanFic)
    21.3K 234 10

    Mia moves to London with her mum and nobody is ever allowed to find about her past. She makes new friends easily, meets that boy called Harry and everything seems to be good now. Maybe a bit too good to be real?! What if she has to leave London again? What if she isn't who she seems to be? What if everything changes t...

  • Billionaire Baby Deal
    873K 22.1K 17

    With her fathers business hitting rock bottom, Alley Knight turns to the one man who will take the greatest of pleasures in this whole complicated mess. Her fathers mortal enemy. Her one and only love. And the man who took her virginity and stamped on her heart in the blink of an eye. Diego Mendez, spanish billionair...

  • The Alpha's Son...
    143K 3.1K 13

    Preface He growled and it was a major turn on. "I love you," he whispered huskily, pressing his lips against mine. I moaned in pleasure and I could feel his smile against my lips. His lips left mine and went straight to my neck, planting kisses all across it. I moaned and he seemed satisfied.

  • How I met Louis Tomlinson (Completed)
    4.7M 74.1K 49

    One thing you should know about Cassie Nectar, is that she has a physco boyfriend. He's possessive, and treats her like a slave more than a girlfriend. So when she takes up the courage to put an end to their relationship - he's not happy. So much so, he tries to hurt her, but she's saved. By the dark haired and blue e...

  • Take Me As I Am (Completed)
    20.6M 433K 52

    I don't like One Direction. So can someone please tell me why I'm stuck on a game show with the five boys who have stolen millions of girls' hearts?

  • How To Seduce A Werewolf
    153K 2.8K 8

    Her innocence radiated off of her like fine perfume, yet he couldn't control the beast inside him to keep his hands to himself. Knowing his every action was wrong-illegal to be exact, he couldn't bring himself to care. Finally, in all the years of searching, he had found his soul mate, the very beautiful woman that wa...

  • My Dance Instructor's Assistant
    2.1M 37.7K 37

    Desiree Quinn is a student attending Trailmont High School. She's been trying since junior year to become a part of her school's dance team. And now that she is 18 years old, a senior, and with her last years enemy out of the way, can she finally join? She later finds out about a new hot teacher that will be assisting...

  • The Outcast.
    1.2K 51 11

    After having to move towns again, a girl who had always been the outcast begins an online journal in order to avoid taking anti-depressants. After moving and meeting a new boy, she realizes that maybe she isn't as lonely as she thought. Told through online posts, texts, Tumblr, and e-mails, this is a story about life...

  • Do it I Dare you (Completed) (Editing)
    243K 5.6K 15

    When you say the names Andrea Brooks and Ryder Lincoln people cringe. Their amazing love story has become sour. Andrea hates her cheating mate.... Ryder hates Andrea's revenge scheme, what happens when the girl you love doesn't know if she can love you ever again? There's broken plates damages floors and bloody reven...

  • Better Than Revenge [Unedited - 2012 Version]
    15.3M 390K 49

    Christian Ryder may be seen as a heartthrob by the majority of the world's female population, but to Sophia Hastings, he might as well be the newest addition to the gorilla exhibit at the zoo. Sophia is a young, aspiring actress with big dreams who swears having to work with Christian Ryder wouldn't be worth all the f...

  • Finally Saved
    17M 79.3K 11

    Libby Ashford is finally free of her living nightmare. On the run from her father, she and her mother move to a new town to start fresh and forget their past. Easier said than done. Starting at her new school, Libby already runs into trouble when she feels an intense connection to the school's resident bad boy. Nicho...

  • What Makes You Beautiful
    3.9M 38.1K 8

    The official fan fiction for One Direction

  • My Stalker Is My Lover? [ Princeton Love Story] *RATED R*
    67.5K 458 8

    Love can be hard once you find out things have been going on behind your back. Rocky and the girls, Jazz, Coco and Nae. Are all 16 Living young wild and free, but still with exams and school chasing behind. And Princeton and his niggas. All 19 except Roc who's 18. Princeton is known as the 'player' of the group. He se...

  • Being A Rejected Mate (UNDER HEAVY EDITING)
    310K 4.2K 27

    cliche rejection story read at your own risk

  • Suicide Was The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
    60.5K 743 18

    Not a very sad story !!!My love cheated on me,the love of my life betrayed me. My mate how could he do this? The person that was supposed to love me and only me forever ,cheated on me. What's wrong with me? I guess everything since my mate even wanted more.I'm not worthy to live. Kat was going to commit suicide on the...

  • Forever Forbidden (student/teacher)
    5.5K 94 5

    Joslinn has had to deal with an abusive family, and raising her 2 1/2 year old sister by herself. She soon finds herself kicked out and on her own. She gets an appartment with some money her mom left behind and gets her and her sister back into school...Little does she know her teacher is a total hottie. Never getting...

  • The Alpha Says I'M His Mate
    26K 461 34

    As Tessa moves to a new town, it's not a huge shock when she's not the most popular. She never has. She looks like a normal girl- and she is. But when she get's between two alphas and has to make a choice, that won't be the only problem she has.

  • The Diary of a Teenage Psychopath #Completed
    5.5K 188 27

    Hedy begins to feel remorse towards everyone around her after an accident. She confides her deepest secrets to her diary and as we read along we slowly see her begin to gain friends and lovers then lose them all at once. When pushed to the limit, anyone is capable of anything. Hedy was capable of murder.

  • Fallen for you
    145K 3.6K 26

    THIS IS NOT YOUR AVERAGE LOVE STORY. COME ON PEOPLE IT'S 2012. WHO WANTS AN AVERAGE LOVE STORY?! IT'S AN INTERRACIAL KIND OF THING ;) Meet Paige Parker- an insecure Caribbean girl from New York, with an over bearing racist mother and a 'condition' known as mild cerebral palsy which made her walk differently from othe...

  • Kaleidoscope
    25.3K 527 33

    Avery Tyler is a high school teen trying to get by with the life she's got. With new found feelings for her best friend, Drake and her sister's sexual identity crisis with her love life and her father's drinking habits, Avery's life just got a little harder. cover by @wires_

  • His Twin Brother (BACK AND READY TO GO!)
    114K 1.1K 27

    I’m an outcast. He’s a jock. I like to hide myself. He likes to flaunter. I’m far from model material. He’s just plain gorgeous. His brother is my best friend. How did I fall in love with him? I ask myself that question every day.

  • Running Away
    1.6M 22.5K 21

    ❝You know, sometimes starting over isn't just an option. Sometimes it's your only option.❞ Taylor's been the O'Donnells' best-kept secret for the entire seventeen years of her existence. And she's fed up with it. So when the opportunity presents itself for her to run away, she seizes it without a second thought-and dr...

  • Marked by the Alpha
    35.7M 1M 37

    "You are mine," He murmured across my skin. He inhaled my scent deeply and kissed the mark he gave me. I shuddered as he lightly nipped it. "Danny, you are mine and only mine, you understand?" Daniella Saunders had a pretty rough life. After being heartbroken and betrayed by both her father and her boyfriend, Danny mo...

  • the best day of my life!!!!
    9.6K 106 71

    a girl that had so many problems in here life finally got her wish of having sometime where she dosn't have to deal with the pain of the murder of everyone she cared about know she's found her father and meets her two favorite bands in the world now how will this finsh of for her and her new friends

  • Having you as my mate is something I never wished for...
    228K 2.2K 21

    Azazel once left California, USA to start a new life with her father in Australia. But due to some problems, her father sent her back to California, back to her own personal hell. She doesn't want to be back in a place that reminds her on how her mother cried when her father won the custody case, how the people she ca...

  • It Began With a Smirk
    10.1M 113K 76

    When Rein decided to make the move from Connecticut where she'd been living with her marine father to join her spontaneous mother in sunny California she hadn't any idea what was awaiting her. She arrives to the sight of packed boxes and learns that, as if one move wasn't enough, she'd be joining her mother in moving...

  • Forever Mine
    177 19 4

    On a whim one day Chris, your average everyday teen, decides to go to her Ex boyfriends house and is in denial about her feelings for him. She believes him and his girlfriend are happy. While she suppresses her feelings for him she starts to gain feelings for someone else. Well the bad part is she's doing all this whi...

  • Yea, He Follows me A lot
    51.9K 1.2K 10

    Sherry Owens is just your typical heartbroken and irritable twenty-four year old living a bland life. She sees no way out of her dull and sad life, which irritates her. The only thing that manages to bring some sort of amusement into her life are her good friends Damien Sorrento and Lily Kastings, both sex crazed, en...