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  • Languages For Love
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    Heidi Sutter is a American translator. She is very cheerful and kind, would you care to follow her as she travels around the world, in search of helping others with her career? Would you care to learn how her past is unknown, even to her best friends, Marine and Sasha? Learn why she can't learn German, and why Levi, h...

  • Disney Genderbends/Love stories
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    These are my Disney Genderbends

  • Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios
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    All the Scenarios are mine. I do not own any of the Creepypastas used. Please ask for permission before taking or using. Thank you. :) Oh, and you may request a scenario if you wish. I'm taking them right now so request away! 2014 Copyright © 2014 by WriterOfYourDeath_xx

  • Kagamine Len X OC --Because Rainbows Never End
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    Kagamine Len. A teen idol attending The Miyamura high. The students of the school say that once he lays eyes on a girl who interests him, the girl is as good as his. He is a heart breaker, a girl friend snatcher. So, when Ayame Nanami perks his interest, isn't it obvious that she will fall for him too? No. it is n...