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  • Addicted In Your Electric Voice
    69.1K 4.1K 69

    One thing is for sure; I had never touched my ice-like translucencies until your snarling pulsation thawed my closed heart with the lividity of your rhymes. As poets make love with their words, I fly in the rhythms of you despite the stillness I possess. as long as I am with your electric tunes, our parallel beings ar...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loss of Feelings | ✓
    2.6M 119K 65

    anagapesism series #1 complete [unedited] What's more scary about love is the inevitable truth that it is possible that one day-your eyes sprung open and you realized that the person who used to be your world is a mere stranger to you now. You don't blame the person. You don't blame the situation. You don't blame any...

    Completed   Mature
  • THE DAY HE BECAME RUTHLESS: The Metaphorical Series #2
    11.4M 312K 59

    Wild, young and free... Madalas kapag sa murang edad nagsisimula ang isang relasyon, hindi gaanong siniseryoso ang mga bagay-bagay; Rash decisions, immature mindset, juvenile beliefs...but one man excluded himself among those who believe in the theories of young love. He doesn't believe in the ideals. He believes wit...

    Completed   Mature
  • This is How We End
    2.5M 117K 51

    The lethal and the pure. The black and white. Opposite sides burning each other's souls. Parvana Naia Bukhari and Zeus Vincenticus Ferrer. When she first stepped into his life, he knew she was nothing but trouble. Sweet smiles and prayers doesn't fit with his rock n roll soul. As fast as they catch the burning flame...

  • Shallow, Faltered (SERIE FEROCI 12)
    1.1M 18.4K 16

    (COMPLETED) Everly Tuazon grew up in a poor family. She went through hardships before she reached where she is now. She prioritized her family too much that she didn't get to have a boyfriend. She didn't even have the luxury to flirt as she was always busy trying to earn money. When she finally achieved her goals, she...

    Completed   Mature
  • Epicenter Tape #1: Eleventh Hour
    5.5M 222K 49

    After getting hurt by the people around her, aspiring chef Dacia Holgado builds up her walls to protect her heart... until band bassist Eris Arriaga comes along and tears them apart. *** Graduating culinary arts student Dacia Holgado gets the biggest twist of her life when she crosses paths with Epicenter's bassist Er...

  • Epicenter Tape #2: Point in Time
    2.9M 146K 53

    Epicenter Tapes #2: She never liked a guy. She always thinks that a girl doesn't need a boy in her life and they are all the same stupid with different faces. Haukea Mavis Bolivar loves basketball but never been acknowledged by her parents like her brother who's a famous band member, she hated him for getting all the...

    Completed   Mature
    469K 13.7K 43

    El Vicente Series #2 (COMPLETED) Zhianela is a perfect description of submissive daughter that has always been just after his father's footprint. Deep inside her, she wants to break the enclosure and free her voice. The strong urge to step out of the darkness and face the world without a string holding unto her. Ru...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ace Of The Beauty (El Vicente Series #3) COMPLETED
    436K 11.7K 43

    El Vicente Series #3 (COMPLETED) As a child, Gianna Bryn dreamt for love that is unconditional and faithful. The love of contentment and candid, for she lived her whole life witnessing heartaches and disloyalty. Her wild mind seeks for that kind of love and that lead her to somewhere she defined as the ace. To her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Amber Alert (El Vicente Series #1) [COMPLETED]
    575K 17.1K 43

    El Vicente Series #1 (COMPLETED) Amberley Fedelin is a definition of a dauntless woman who shows full determination and straight up fearless. She lived her whole life in a circle of fun. Her family believed that great is for great and poor is for poor. The punish of love might seem so cruel but that's not a threat f...

    Completed   Mature
  • So, you hate my playlist? (Slate 809 Series)
    542K 21.4K 116

    As far as Sachi can remember, Hunter Maxim Lopez has been on the top of her list of hated men ever since he stole her position for the band she planned to get in, Slate 809. Until Battle of the Bands came... and Slate 809 is suddenly in need of a female vocalist, leaving Hunter with no choice but to beg for the girl w...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Hugo Warning (El Vicente Series #4)
    235K 5.8K 43

    H x N

    Completed   Mature
  • Rhythm to My Chaos
    1.3M 68.9K 43

    [NEW CLASSIC SERIES #3] Meet the leader and lead guitarist of New Classic, Jestin Ike Rolloque.

    Completed   Mature
  • Never Really Over
    1.9M 89.6K 43

    [NEW CLASSIC SERIES #2] Meet the bassist of New Classic, Jeraiah Amirro Salvare.

    Completed   Mature
  • We're betting on my birthday (Slate 809 Series)
    366K 15.7K 115

    In fury about being dubbed as the Valentine gift carrier, Hailey takes her shot in getting a boyfriend before going off to college. Certainly, when else can be the perfect time to search for the ideal guy to be her last dance (slash boyfriend) now that her eighteenth birthday is around the corner? And as she lays her...

    Completed   Mature