Amber Alert (El Vic...
By mccnlightvv
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El Vicente Series #1 (COMPLETED) Amberley Fedelin is a definition of a dauntless woman who shows full determination and straight up fearless. She lived her whole life in a circle of fun. Her family believed that great is for great and poor is for poor. The punish of love might seem so cruel but that's not a threat for some people. She believes that the consequences of love like pain and mischief is bearable and almost not possible for her when you fall in love. Love is almost like a paradise, love heals, she thought. But then again, is it really love... that will save us? Is love enough to heal us? Possibilities didn't scare her. The danger of Hunter Lucas Cullen didn't scare her at all. But is it really reality that 'we expect the unexpected'? Is it really the danger of the Hunt or the Amber Alert?

Amber Alert (El Vicente Series #1)

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Amber Ale...
by mccnlightvv