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  • neighbour ➢ luke hemmings ✔️
    2.7M 89.3K 47

    "do i seriously have to walk to the mailbox shirtless every morning just to get your attention?" {lophie} {warning; slight smut, sexual content, you get it} ©loudluke

    Completed   Mature
  • boxer ⋆ luke hemmings ✔️
    1.9M 63.1K 51

    "And after all the fucking matches, broken bones, ripped punching bags and crowds yelling at me to get up... who the fuck knew that my hardest fight would be you?" • [Contains smut] ©loudluke

    Completed   Mature
  • daddy's girl ❥ luke hemmings ✔️
    1.9M 57.5K 40

    "Hi, I'm Luke, I'm twenty-five, I'm in a band, and I like it when my tour manager's daughter calls me Daddy." {lophie} {warning; this story will contain smut, daddy kink, an age gap, slight DDLG (as in how they act with each other) sexual content, very innocent!Sophie, etc} ©loudluke

    Completed   Mature
  • Punks Meet Flower Crowns >> Lashton AU ✔️
    428K 30.3K 153

    [COMPLETED] "Because I'm dumb. I'm scared. I'm a coward. I can't come to terms with anything. I love him but I'm not capable of loving him. Does that make sense?" Luke is the pessimistic new waiter with piercings, tattoos and a broken heart. Ashton is his optimistic co-worker with flower crowns, dimples and a dark pas...

  • Pretty Princess ⇝ Lashton [1] ✓
    678K 33.7K 65

    In which, Luke and Ashton fall in love but with a lot of bumps in the road LASHTON HEMWIN COMPLETED | BOOK ONE ASDFLKJHG5SOS 2014

    Completed   Mature
  • The Babysitter ≫ lashton
    2M 81.3K 80

    Ashton can't take care of his own brother, so his parents hire a babysitter. © valeriesvlad | 2014

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bodyguard [Lashton AU]
    965K 46.6K 34

    Ashton Irwin is a hot and famous celebrity that all the people love, look up to, or despise. He's cocky, selfish, and always puts himself before others. Despite his personality, he's pretty much wanted by everyone in the world. But when things escalate to the point that Ashton nearly gets kidnapped, his manager assig...

  • Tangled Sheets ↣ lashton
    285K 10.7K 29

    Ashton isn't your ordinary 16 year old high school boy,he's on the edge of breaking down and it won't be pretty. Caught up between the non stop bullying,anxiety and fighting parents Ashton struggles to breath. But one night changes his life forever , the one night his only 'friend' Michael invited him to a party. "it...

    Completed   Mature
  • roommates • lashton
    1.5M 80.9K 55

    "i fucking hate you, irwin" "sorry, hemmings? i couldn't hear you there, my dick was in your mouth" in which luke and ashton hates each other with a passion and are forced to be roommates through a whole summer filled with hate that somehow takes a sexual turn (for a better introduction i advise you to read the prolo...

    Completed   Mature
  • boy meets boy ✪ lashton
    740K 26.8K 33

    "so, is this a thing?" "yeah, we'll be friends.. with benefits" the one where luke and ashton start a secret friends with benefits relationship behind their girlfriends backs but sex doesn't help keeping the feelings away. warning: strong language & smut (a lot!!)

    Completed   Mature
  • The Tutor // l.s.
    1.7M 62.4K 31

    [Completed] Louis Tomlinson needs a biology tutor. But will his biology tutor just teach Louis about biology? Or will they also teach Louis how to love?

  • Dont Fuck With My Love - Narry
    226K 9.2K 59

    Niall Horan is the hottest football player for Ireland's team. Harry Styles is just another fan in his eyes. All he ever wanted was to be just like Niall, the big football star. But when he wins the chance to spend a day with the team.. does it go downhill or up from there?

    Completed   Mature
  • Because I Care [Ziam/Larry AU BoyxBoy FanFic]
    1.2M 25.3K 35

    Zayn Malik thought no one could ever love him. He was kicked out at the age of thirteen by his family and has had to fend for himself in the streets every since. He thought no one could cared about him. That is, until he meets Liam Payne. (Story Completed: Jan 01, 2013)

    Completed   Mature
  • Opposites Attract (Marcel&Louis Stylinson)
    1.7M 35.7K 64

    Marcel Styles is an intelligent, dorky, school smart, cute goodie two shoes. Louis Tomlinson is a rebellious, charismatic, street smart, hot captain of the football team who's also the most popular guy in school. Louis has always been a mean bully to Marcel until one day, he wanted Marcel to be his partner for their p...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Bad [Lashton AU]
    1.4M 55.2K 48

    "What if I have a tiny crush on a guy who doesn't even know I exist? How do I get his attention?" Ashton finally gets it, but not in a way he thought he'd get it. WARNING: Anorexia, One Direction Other pairing(s): Larry, Malum Cover: kaitlin_ida_maree Dom!Luke © 2014 iCheeseYou

  • oreo // lashton
    2.8M 113K 41

    5 Seconds of Summer & One Direction -crossover- Multiple Ships. warnings: triggering. anorexia, self-harm, depression, bullying, swearing. Disclaimer: I do not own anyone in this story. ~ "Want an oreo?" Who knew one sentence could change someone's life so much?

  • Detention ➳ Larry
    10.6M 271K 45

    Detention is supposed to be a punishment, but for Louis and Harry, it's the start of something beautiful. Unfortunately, what starts off as a harmless love affair quickly takes a turn for the worse. Through all the stereotypes, judgments, family issues, and demons from the past, Louis and Harry struggle to stay stro...

    Completed   Mature