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  • Blood of the Fire - A Hunter x Hunter fanfic
    157K 4.4K 16

    A girl with a heart so cold...and hands so warm...a foreign power... Sayomi Yoshida was only four years old at the night of her parents' death, six when she had joined the Phantom Troupe, and by twelve years old a relentless killer of no mercy. Growing up with no one to trust, she learns to keep her secrets and emot...

  • Love Is Like A War [Madara Uchiha]
    466K 13.4K 53

    Asuka is part of the Higuchi clan, a mighty clan in Konohagakure. One day, her entire clan gets wiped out by Madara Uchiha and some of his fellow clanmembers, leaving her the only excisting member of the clan. After being held prison in Kirigakure for 5 years, Asuka manages to escape and return to Konoha, only to be...