Blood of the Fire...
By eeriee_001
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A girl with a heart so cold...and hands so warm...a foreign power... Sayomi Yoshida was only four years old at the night of her parents' death, six when she had joined the Phantom Troupe, and by twelve years old a relentless killer of no mercy. Growing up with no one to trust, she learns to keep her secrets and emotions to herself after years of pain and mistakes. Sayomi wanders the lands empty and cold, stuck in a never-ending loop of massacre and killing, in a curse she could never escape. After the completion of a brutal massacre mission Sayomi was assigned to do, she starts to head back to the Phantom Troupe hideout when after hearing the Hunters Exam, she finds herself interested for a new adventure in hopes of breaking free from the grasps of Chrollo Lucifer. During the Hunters Exam, Sayomi never knew she would meet a pair boys that could help her overcome her fears, discover her strengths and potentially change her entire life...

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Blood of...
by eeriee_001