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  • Me and My Broken Heart [Stingue fanfic]
    82.6K 3.3K 28

    After a major breakup with Kagura, Rogues self esteem has dropped completely and he has no confidence in himself. Being devastated and depressed, his best long time friend Sting who's in love with him is also being affected. Sting wants to confess to Rogue and get him out of his depression, but doesn't know how. See i...

  • Is this Love? [A Stingue Fanfic]
    97.3K 3.6K 40

    Rogue and Sting are the best of friends. They've always been together, doing everything and anything. But... Rogue... has been feeling weird lately, something he doesn't understand. He's in love with Sting, he's been for the longest, he just doesn't know it. Sting is in love with Rogue though, but he's unaware of the...

  • Fairy Tail Rants
    14.6K 537 32

    Just my rants on ships, hate on characters, manga chapters, episodes, and theories in the anime/manga Fairy Tail. {Cover art creds to Nickleons on Deviantart}

  • Sting Eucliffe x Rogue Cheney (Stingue) Lemon
    38K 464 2

    Here I show you a sour lemon involving two very handsome boys. Anyone like Stingue? Well, here I show you a lemon involving Sting x Rogue that I hope you all will love. P.S. This is in fact a yaoi lemon (boy x boy), so if some of you do not want to read a this, then I implore you to not do so. I respect people's opini...

    Completed   Mature
  • Opposites // stingue drabbles
    21.2K 604 7

    stingue drabbles // complete ❤︎ fluffy stingue drabbles ❤︎ extra: this is not a x reader book, this book is between sting eucliffe and rogue cheney

  • I Already Know • One Shot
    2.9K 130 1

    (Stingyu One Shot) Yukino Agria has had a crush on Sting Eucliffe for a while now. She has decided that it was time to move on or confess. But what she doesn't know will surprise her.