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  • SuperWhoLock in a Chatroom
    6.7K 446 10

    It's SuperWhoLock. In a chatroom. In case you forgot to read the title. I'll include some normal people, too. Then again, it is a chatroom. Normal may be a stretch. Just read it, it's hilarious.

  • Gabriel's Game (SuperWhoLock)
    1.9K 118 2

    The two monster hunters and their angel, the time traveling alien and his companions, and the consulting detective and his blogger. They all soon become pieces of a game designed by Gabriel the Trickster. They must survive their perilous journey, play by the rules. They must win the game.

  • Superwholock- Hell's game (Abandoned)
    7.3K 467 18

    The Vashta Nerada are lose, the angels are weeping, the Queen is a werewolf?! Dean and Sam find the supernatural to be acting quite strange. The Demons are quiet and Vashta Nerada are becoming more and more vicious and evil. The stone angels laugh at them, and the air remains dull. They seek out the help of Sherlock...

  • SuperWhoLock: The Mysterious Casey Logan
    570 24 3

    When Casey met the Doctor, she thought she'd seen it all. But, one day, their travels take them to 221B Baker Street. It was there that they met Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. And, later, they bump into the Winchesters, who were there working on a possible case. Coincidence? Probably not. But the real mystery at han...

  • Doctor, Please (Superwholock)
    97.5K 4.4K 36

    John is possessed. Castiel is injured. Doctor, please help.

  • Superwholock
    256K 10.5K 37

    It's seems you've stumbled into the Superwholock universe. Boy, have you got an adventure ahead of you. ~ When Sam and Dean investigate disappearances and crashes of planes, they have no choice, but to take to the sky themselves. The plane they inspect takes them to England, where they meet Sherlock Holmes, John Wats...

  • SuperWhoLock ((EXCERPT))
    13.9K 22 1

    Sherlock and John, the Doctor and his companions, and the Winchesters unintentionally unite from across different dimensions, and attempt to save the world. Many new friends will accompany them, as well as many old friends, but will it be enough to prevent the end of existence as we know it? This is an excerpt of Sup...