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  • Trust (Lauren/You) BOOK 2
    123K 6.4K 34

    "You know it's funny how you said you love me, but you didn't even come and visit me in the last 3 years" "You know I couldn't come visit you Lauren" she nods her head "Yeah..but it's called fighting for each other...while I was rotting in a jail cell, you were smooching up to my ex-songwriter. Where's the loyalty in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Behind The Glasses (Lauren/You)
    129K 3.9K 37

    "Wait you're the Y/N everyone talks about? Everyone says that you're so quiet and timid like a nerd." "What can I say? I like to challenge stereotypes." I turn my back towards them and close the door behind me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Have you read the typical nerd stori...

  • His Last Hope | ✓
    4.4M 164K 35

    Final exams are only months away when Calista Hale is told news that no senior in high school wants to hear; she's being held back from graduating. The only way for her to receive that rolled up piece of parchment at the end of July lies in Lincoln Pierce. A master of deceit and skipping class, Lincoln is sure to give...

  • Hating The Player
    36.5M 1.3M 42

    || Highest Rank - #1 in Teen Fiction and #5 in Romance || Melody Carson has been in the same class as Tyson McCannon since primary school. She's watched him play with girls, set the school on fire, skip classes, prank teachers, smoke behind the school, break the law, get into fights with other guys for fun and even w...