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  • My Slave Is The Campus King- [Completed] (Under Major Revision)
    89.9K 2.4K 49

    Isang nagmahal, nasaktan, at nasagasaan sa road to forever kaya yun nagpakabitter. Nagtatapang- tapangan pero may tinatagong kahinaan. Cold, serious at pagdating sa usaping pag-ibig, ang dami niyang hugot. Yan si Yumi Illona Perez AKA Bitter Princess. Ang dakilang man-hater. Will she able to find love again in the s...

  • The Montelibano Journal
    66 0 12

    "Ako si Jasper Ray Zamora Montelibano. Buong buhay ko, hinangad at ginawan ko ng paraan na maging mamamahayag ako, ngunit hindi ko mawari kung bakit napakailap sa akin ang pagkamit sa matayog kong pangarap. Ito ang istorya ng aking mga pakikipagsapalaran sa kabila ng mga matitinding kahadlangan." Author's Note: Ang n...

    179K 3.4K 43

    #5 in NON-FICTION (Highest ranking, 12/11/17) Isang simpleng binata si Jake na itinatago ang kanyang kasabikan sa kapwa lalaki. Saan aabot ang kanya pagpapanggap? Paano niya tutuklasin ang kanyang tunay na sarili? Ano'ng mga kasalanan ang kanyang magagawa? Sinful Jake. 2017.

  • Parang Kayo Pero Hindi
    162K 2.1K 8

    Excerpts of the best-selling book Parang Kayo Pero Hindi published by Anvil Publishing. Still available at all bookstores nationwide, for only P175.  Ebook version now available

  • The Goodbye Girl
    105K 1.8K 15

    Lahat tayo nagmamahal. Pero hindi lahat, minamahal. Iyung iba, niloloko, sinasaktan, iniiwan. May ibang binubulungan ng "I love you." May ibang tinatanong ng "Will you marry me?" At may iba na sinasabihan ng "Goodbye." Ito ay para sa lahat ng nagmahal, pero nasaktan at naiwan... Para sa mga Goodbye Girl (BUY THE GOOD...

  • Anong Klaseng Estudyante Ka?
    913K 10K 96

    Highest Wattpad Rankings! 🏅🏆 #1 in Non-Fiction (03-25-14) #2 in Non-Fiction (06-20-15) #1 in Memoir (05-15-20) #2 in Memoir (05-08-20) #1 in Self-Help (05-26-20) #2 in Self-Help (05-22-20) #3 in Autobiography (05-20-20) Mga estudyante handa na ba kayong mas matuto pa kung anong klaseng mag-aaral ka ba? Game ka na ba...

  • Ice Kissed (Kanin Chronicles #2)
    10.4K 248 5

    Check out this exclusive for Wattpad readers – an excerpt from Ice Kissed, the second book in the Kanin Chronicles by New York Times Bestselling author Amanda Hocking In the majestic halls of a crystal palace lies a secret that could destroy an entire kingdom… War is coming to the Kanin and Bryn Aven is right in the m...

  • Lullaby (Watersong Series #2)
    95.5K 1.5K 18

    Check out this exclusive for Wattpad readers – an excerpt from Lullaby, the second book in the Watersong series by New York Times Bestselling author Amanda Hocking Harper only wanted a safe, normal life. But when her younger sister Gemma runs off with a three very dangerous girls, Penn, Thea, and Lexi, everything chan...

  • GIO 2.0
    1.7K 40 15

    He. Is. Back. The new Gio is back. The better, wiser and fiercer version is here to rock your Universe in a dead drop gorgeous way! Giovanni will finally get what he wished for. But it's not love. It is something else. It can be beauty, fame or power. I don't know, I will let you know yourself. He might get the thing...

  • Giovanni Bactol Jr.
    2.7K 139 22

    Hilarious name. Hideous face. Wittiest mind. Flirtiest moves. Will he find true love or true hate? Loveless. Ugly. Gay. What happens when a weird gay guy search for love. Will he find it or will it hide from him? The students' crazy life mixed with the crazier weird gay in the world. No one can beat his hideousness; h...

  • 20 Nights in Heaven
    3.3K 116 22

    Everyone is an angel to someone. Flying with passion and spreading wings of love. Soaring greater heights and reaching the heavens above. Shannon Bueno, the hunky and nice guy, the savior, and the one who loves her. Martin Reyes, the living fashion God with a smile that made her fall in love. Louie Domingo, the ex-boy...

  • Wake (Watersong Series #1)
    144K 2.7K 9

    Check out this exclusive for Wattpad readers – an excerpt from Wake, the first book in the Watersong series by New York Times Bestselling author Amanda Hocking Beautiful. Fearless. Dangerous. Immortal. Strangers in town for the summer, Penn, Thea, and Lexi have caught everyone's attention, including the eye of practic...

  • Dreamland
    2.4K 124 17

    Birds play above towering trees. Squirrels and rabbits roll in the fresh green grass. Butterflies flutter to the rhythm of waterfalls, and bees hum the sweetest sound. What a stunning scenery! Rico's humdrum life is punctuated by dreams of this paradise. In each dream, a woman appears-beautiful, mysterious, and famil...

  • Christmas Gift
    161 5 1

    Do we really believe in the saying, it is better to give than to receive? Or we often choose to be the receiver, and not the giver? A story about the true essence and spirit of Christmas.

  • I Do
    371 19 1

    A story about a girl named Hanna who was surprised by her best friends on her birthday with a gift that she never expected to receive. She thought that it wasn't only her birthday to celebrate but a new found love too, maybe. Do real love comes in astonishing gift boxes?

  • She Still Loves Her
    579 24 1

    Jericho searches for true love. She was in loved with his co-worker named Melanie but when he knew that she has a relationship with Rain that totally broke his heart into pieces. After that, she caught love with May his lesbian-besfriend, the relationship they had was already a true love he thought until Louisa (his c...

  • Shattered
    291 17 1

    This is a story of a college girl who found love at a much-unexpected time. She fell in love to an actor of a stage play. But unknowingly someone fell in love with her too, not the one she's head-over-heels with, but another guy. Two guys and Lena. Who will she choose? Will she decide using her mind or her heart?

  • If Tyron Banks
    245 19 1

    A boy who lives in the poorest part of Manila, fights to survive. He always strives to be the best in school, in his family, and in life. But when a sudden tragedy comes, what can a child sacrifice for his family? A story of a boy that all mothers would love.