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  • Blooki joins Dream smp
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    just a fanfic where my older sis joins the dré smp go follow her on twitch BlookiZzLIVE

  • " i ' m sorry . "
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    lower case intended ! a bit of a different writing style compared to my ghostinnit au book . not my idea ! complete props to @J-JARED- ! tw // mentions of heavy gore , death , as well as cursing and other things !

  • Ghostinnit AU
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    "You want to be a hero Tommy? Then die like one!" Techno exclaimed while he put on the remaining wither skulls onto the soulsand. Everyone's eyes widened in fear, two withers, L'manburg being exploded by Wilbur, was Will the traitor? Or was it really Techno? Phil said that it had been techno. The pinkette was targetin...