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"You want to be a hero Tommy? Then die like one!" Techno exclaimed while he put on the remaining wither skulls onto the soulsand. Everyone's eyes widened in fear, two withers, L'manburg being exploded by Wilbur, was Will the traitor? Or was it really Techno? Phil said that it had been techno. The pinkette was targeting Tommy, the younger Brit's bright blue eyes held fear. He got hit with an attack from a wither, his body jolting back and landing harshly onto the floor. It caused a tiny bit more damage, but it was less then the damage the wither did by itself. "TOMMY!!" Tubbo and Niki shouted out in unison, quickly running over to the minor, the brunette quickly crouching down by him and checking if he had any health potions. His heart crashed, tears beginning to stream down his cheeks. Niki shielded the children with the help of Quackity. "Guys I don't have health potions on me!" Tubbo exclaimed, trying to pick up Tommy so he could bring his injured friend to a safer place. He really hoped he'd make it, it'd be heartbreaking if he didn't. They all just watched Wilbur get killed, he can't let two of his friends die! ------------------- This story contains cursing, bad writing, and a lot of angst lol HIGHEST IN PHANTOMMY YET,, #1 ON MAR 19 2021 - I'M SOBBING PLEASE #50 in Ghostinnit???? (Wha) #88 in Ghostbur (excuse me tf-) Props to my sister! She took most the pictures in the book that I use, including the cover <3

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