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  • Until we meet again (Time wave series#1)
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    Time Wave Series #1 Forgiveness. [COMPLETED] Unedited

    Completed   Mature
  • Etched
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    1st place Romance: Constellation awards. 1st place Romance: The award Contest 2019 Reviewed by: Majestic Awards She has ruptured the wall he's built around his heart. She stepped in and deformed his cold aura. He restricted his disarming self but little did he know that this petite creature had resistance to his deme...

  • The Lonely King
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    He began walking over to me. This is it. I'm dead. I saw his shoes come into my view as I was looking down, hair covering my face. "Look at me." He growled out. I started to cry, too afraid to look. He grasped my chin and lifted my face to meet his. I mentally gasped. It's the guy from last night. His eyes held surpr...

  • The Forced Bride Of Rodriguez (COMPLETED)
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    #1 in romance genre (1stJan - 8th Jan.) ( Again placed #1 in romance in Feb) Aaron got up from his seat and walked round the table towards her while she was still sitting as if glued to that seat. He bent towards her, his one hand on the table and with the other he held her chin so that their eyes were at level.. "Li...

  • The Mafia's Unwanted Bride
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    Him: Successful, rich, intelligent, harsh, fuckboy-that's what the media says about him. But away from cameras, he's a twisted, cruel bastard; a nightmare. A man oozing power and danger; a lethal combination. He doesn't kneel before anyone, in fact, you kneel before him. Her: A sweet yet hot-headed and ill-tempered...

  • Married to the Heartless Billionaire
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    "Stay away from me I'm not the man for you understand" how did this change to this "I can't live without her", read to figure out this one of a kind love story. 1ST BOOK SECOND "Loving The Heartless Billionaire" Natalie Lawrence has been ordered to marry a man she's never met, and if she disobeys her so called fath...

  • Naive
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    Aurora the naive and shy type. Always plastering a smile on your face and very sneaky, yet cute. She's loved my everyone... Well, not all and likes giving hugs to everyone that loves her especially her nanny. Sadly, she lost her father and has to adapt to a new step father. Hendrix is a Mafia leader with high reputati...

  • In Love With Mr. Billionaire
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    Caroline Marshall, a sweet, innocent and cute girl, who hates rich guys since her father threw her mother away to marry another woman for money. Living with a step-mother, a step-sister and a cruel father, her life was worse than hell. Aaron Woodwords, a multi-billionaire and the CEO of Woodwords corporation, has...

  • Expecting The Unexpected
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    "I AM NOT MARRYING YOU MR. KNIGHT AND THAT'S IT" I yelled. From where did you get this much courage that too in front of him? My my someone is trying to be savage today. My conscience said. I was heading for the door but he held my wrist and within seconds I was sitting on the table with him standing between my legs. ...

  • The Arranged Bride
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    "I said you won't be working anymore." She smirked, "Watch me." Saying that she turned and I watched her till she walked out of the door. ........................................ The thirty-year-old billionaire bachelor Nicholas Carter isn't really fond of the word- love, owing to his past. What happens when he is...

  • Saved By a Gangleader ✔️
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    19 year old Ray gets abused by her foster parents that don't want anything to do with her. She's in her fourth year of university planning to become a doctor. Ray is extremely smart, known for her kindness and most of all, she's very shy. 21 year old Ace is a quiet and dangerous gangleader. He's never been seen with f...

  • Tattoos and Scars | Completed, Unedited
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    Broken, bruised and scarred, Bailey Willow trusts no one but herself. Living in a house she doesn't like with her abusive and drunk dad, she waits for the day when she can leave. Dangerous, merciless and cold, Adrian Black is the type of person you'd fear to look at. Their paths cross when Bailey witnesses a murder...