The Forced Bride Of...
By _aadyawrites
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#1 in romance genre (1stJan - 8th Jan.) ( Again placed #1 in romance in Feb) Aaron got up from his seat and walked round the table towards her while she was still sitting as if glued to that seat. He bent towards her, his one hand on the table and with the other he held her chin so that their eyes were at level.. "Listen to me very clearly, Mrs Livia Aaron Rodriguez, you are my wife now. So you can only think of me, talk to me, smile at me, look at me and be around me only. You will do what I say." "I am not your slave." Ignoring her protest he continued,"And if you are feeling very needy and if you want to sleep with a man so much then don't worry just come to me and I promise you, I'll give you the best physical pleasure in this world. Afterall I'm quite experienced in this physical pleasure department." "Bastard!" she slapped his hand away but Aaron caught her mouth and kissed her hard... ____________ A cold and arrogantly ruthless CEO by day and a playboy by night, was how newspapers and magazines always portrayed the young billionaire Aaron Rodriguez but how much of truth did these rumours held? Was he really that kind of person as the rumours called or was there a different shade of him? Livia was going to find out soon... ______________ 18 Oct '19 - 12 Dec' 19 Word count : 34950-35000 approx. *** This is my first work and I hope you'll like it 😊 Do vote and comment because your support matters a lot. 👉 The work is unedited. So read at your own risk. If you find a mistake I hope you'll be able to either ignore it or point it out very politely. You can also check out my other book. Hopefully you'll like it too. ❤️


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The Force...
by _aadyawrites