Hits Publish*..  "I Finally Did it"! 
          	Really hope you guys are getting excited again for this book!!


'Sexting My Daddy' Book will be back tonight after a year so get super excited for it as i am, also don't forget to check out my other book aka 'My kinky dentist'.


Hey idk if you’re going to write again but I can still see your section my daddy story if you wanted me to send you it to try to continue cuz I would I love to keep reading 


I can tell that losing my book ''Sexting My Daddy” really effected me as I worked so hard on it and gained just over half of a millions reads. I’m sorry to everyone that was enjoying my books and that I stopped writing after it. I truely miss writing for you guys and always interacting with you, so I’m just here to let you know that I’m going to be writing again, and this time I’m not going away 


@UnknownHT ur never gonna update it again?!?!?!