I hate change so here's a new bio for the new decade

The name's snowy but nicknames are welcomed c:


Kinda emo

I'm either acting like a 10 year old or a 20 year old there's no in between

Really soft i uwu easily

My friends tell me i'm a bottom so i guess i'm a bottom

I speak in vines

P!ATD, TØP, MCR, iDKHOW, AJR, Melanie Martinez, conan gray, taylor swift, wallows

Supernatural, Walking Dead, Doctor Who, OHSHC, FRIENDS, HIMYM, etc etc

Okay now for some

⌜ Quotes :D ⌟

"Could you point me to where my legs might be?" ~ Markiplier 2018

"I know you want to leave, but, friend, please, don't take your life away from me." ~ TØP

"Don't be the ueue in queue. Don't be useless"


*jazz hands*

Being short sucks but at least i'm boss at hide and seek

Despite this monstrosity of a bio you should PM me c: i love making new friends even though I suck at it. I'm like kind of a loser but hopefully you can move past that hehe (I'm sorry I know I sound desperate but that's only cuz I'm desperate)

Remember that you're never alone through anything and there is always love and support for you whenever you need it, myself included ❤️

Will also give snowy magic for free

Don't feel bad about stalking cuz if I've seen your profile I've probably stalked you once or twice

(I'm sorry this sucked i'm not good at writing bios)

aaaaand snowy out! *peace sign*


@realestttt - my wifeyyy ❤️

@pinkdreams- "So basically sis... you're a golden oreo" (a literal freaking queen that I'm blessed to call my sister ❤️)

@gulfcoastbaby - my "platonic" wife

@pancakeykittens - loser number two ❤️

@Purblecat - zyzyzyzyzyzy

@-MellowCloud- - my favorite poetic islander

@lordjynx - the best brother ever
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