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Until you allow me by Danytrixx
Until you allow meby Danytrixx
Sinan reveals his true face and threatens Hazan with the biggest secret they have. She accepts to marry him in order to keep the Kerime secret safe. The day of the weddi...
Can't Fight These Feelings - Ep. 30 Fanfiction by AshleyIsDaydreaming
Can't Fight These Feelings - Ep. 3...by AshleyIsDaydreaming
Originally Posted Jan 10-Feb 5/2018 Sometimes it seemed no longer a question of if... but when. Hazan didn't understand her jealousy and Yağız didn't let himself believe...
Var Misin? by Alexandrasdreams1985
Var Misin?by Alexandrasdreams1985
We didn't see much of their happiness, glimpses in the last episode just made me imagine how was their year in New York, this is #YAGHAZ happily ever after and it begin...
In This Life - EP. 29 Fanfiction by AshleyIsDaydreaming
In This Life - EP. 29 Fanfictionby AshleyIsDaydreaming
Originally posted Dec.26-27/2017 On his search for the truth about who poisoned his father, Yagiz and Hazan find themselves on a snowy mountain and they share a moment t...
Contract Marriage-Sözleşmeli Evlilik💔(YagHaz) by turkxpakstories
Contract Marriage-Sözleşmeli Evlil...by 🌹TurkxPak Love Stories❤
It's are story of two people Yagiz Egemen and Hazan Camkiran, who get together due to the problems of their life. "Marriage is not a contract or a commitment, it is...
The Impossible Takes Time (Time Jump) Ep. 28 by AshleyIsDaydreaming
The Impossible Takes Time (Time Ju...by AshleyIsDaydreaming
Originally Posted Dec.18/2017 A whole year away from each other didn't change anything. And he couldn't stay away from her anymore. Originally posted to fb fan pages D...
Distance by SaniPelin
Distanceby DressedLikeNightmare
Two and a half years after their paths are separated, Hazan and Yagiz come face to face again. But everything is not the same now. Note: Chapter 1 is more like a prelude...
My Life with You - Ep.29 Fanfiction by AshleyIsDaydreaming
My Life with You - Ep.29 Fanfictionby AshleyIsDaydreaming
Originally posted Dec.22/2017 A chance day spending time with two kids from their building, Yağiz can see his future with Hazan.... A future he never thought he wanted o...
Aşk Hayal-Love Is A Dream❤(YagHaz) by turkxpakstories
Aşk Hayal-Love Is A Dream❤(YagHaz)by 🌹TurkxPak Love Stories❤
In this story love is like a dream for everyone.They believe that it can only be dreamed not lived. Will destiny change for Yagiz and Ferit?? Will they be able to belie...
Lost in Paradise by MendesMyLovex
Lost in Paradiseby Lilo 💫
Her name is Hazan Çamkıran, she's a 21 years old who's mother decided to send her to Turkey to continue her studies. Hazan will start her journey all by herself in a pla...
It Could Be Real - Ep.29 Fanfiction by AshleyIsDaydreaming
It Could Be Real - Ep.29 Fanfictionby AshleyIsDaydreaming
Originally posted Dec.21/2017 Away from the drama in their everyday lives, in a small corner of Istanbul, Yagiz and Hazan have dinner with a couple, Yildiz and Yusuf. Ha...
The symphony of the seas (Denizin senfonisi) by moon2life
The symphony of the seas (Denizin...by moon2life
fan fiction based on the tv series Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari. The story focuses on Hazan and Yagiz as main characters and on Fazilet, Sinan, Nil and Ece as secondary ones...
Durduramıyorum by JustWrite9
Durduramıyorumby JustWrite9
Yagız ve Hazanın hikayesi böyle devam edebilirdi. 38. bölümden itibaren
In Her Eyes - EP. 27 Fanfiction by AshleyIsDaydreaming
In Her Eyes - EP. 27 Fanfictionby AshleyIsDaydreaming
Originally Posted Dec. 14/2017 It took nearly losing him for her to realize how she really felt. Less than 24 hours later, looking into her eyes...he saw it. This story...
Yagiz and Hazan by Kathye04
Yagiz and Hazanby Kathye04
I feel that they should have made their love story longer on TV. It's what I would have loved to see on screen. It's my first time writing something like this, so sorry...
No Matter What - Ep. 44 Fanfiction by AshleyIsDaydreaming
No Matter What - Ep. 44 Fanfictionby AshleyIsDaydreaming
Originally Posted May 11/2018 YağHaz : Ep. 44 "The Lost Week"
Since the Very Beginning - EP. 28 Fanfiction by AshleyIsDaydreaming
Since the Very Beginning - EP. 28...by AshleyIsDaydreaming
Originally posted Dec.18/2017 Saying goodbye and almost losing him had made her realize what she thought she knew, what she thought she had felt, had been wrong. All she...
YağHaz 41. Bölüm (English) by moon2life
YağHaz 41. Bölüm (English)by moon2life
Fanfic about the 41th episode of Fazilet Hanım ve Kızları or more pricesly how I wish to see it. So it's a mixture of my wishful thinking and my predictions. YağHaz rela...
LOVERS FOREVER... by GeetaSoni0
LOVERS FOREVER...by Ask Yaghaz
Two years after Hazan and Yagiz paths are separated. Both are far from each other and don't know anything about each other. But one day they both were met. Fate/Destiny...
Too late? by fero101
Too late?by Farah
fazilet hanim ve kizlari and more precisely yağhaz 's story i will continue with their story from episode 38 in the hospital because their story was left in the middle...