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Gone by H_U__Winter
Goneby 🌹
Blood, so much, too much. The eyes that once held so many emotions were open unblinkingly and dull, an expression of despair on the blonds face. Hair matted with so much...
On Her Terms (A Kakasaku Oneshot) by Cinnabun_Frosting
On Her Terms (A Kakasaku Oneshot)by MJ Yoo
Sakura has had enough of waiting for Sasuke and Kakashi just happens to be a victim. (Disclaimer: I don't own Sakura, Sasuke or Kakashi. They're the work of Masashi Kish...
Imaginary [Sakura Haruno] (HIATUS) by LaraMatoi
Imaginary [Sakura Haruno] (HIATUS)by an idiot
Imaginary /ɪˈmadʒɪn(ə)ri/ Adjective: Existing only in the imagination. . . . Sakura is... mentally ill. Well that's how they say it, but it's just a nice way of saying s...