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When Alex came back. by KDW2000
When Alex came back.by KDWxox
My own version of what would happen in season 3.
Vauseman One-Shots by CherryCola_Girl
Vauseman One-Shotsby Cherry 🍒✨
Vauseman One-Shots from OITNB 🍊🖤 [Contains smut and fluff!!] {Not set in prison} Be sure to vote and comment your thoughts! 💞
Vauseman One-Shots by BubblineVauseman
Vauseman One-Shotsby ViolentRima
From the author that brings you Bubbline One-Shots, Falling for a Mafia Boss, and Story of a Gear, here is Vauseman One-Shots! I recently got into the fandom. Y'all als...
The Fight For What's Right (Vauseman) by deamhan1
The Fight For What's Right (Vausem...by Shazz
Alex moves around a lot that means she can never keep friends for very long when she moves to Litchfield she see a beautiful blonde headed girl walking in the rain. Litt...
Vauseman: A new life by Alexvauseisbae
Vauseman: A new lifeby Alexvauseisbae
This story I'm hoping to update alot and it's about piper and Alex's story after piper picked larry
School Life by VausemanDramionie224
School Lifeby Camz Jergi
This is a highschool vauseman fan fiction set in england. I hope you enjoy! Also on Fanfiction.net
Now You're Gone [Vauseman Fanfic] by TheNarrative
Now You're Gone [Vauseman Fanfic]by jj
Vauseman one-shot. The duo are split up and a letter is written, revealing true thoughts and sincere apologies. (Takes place before season 2)
Girls like Girls by LibbyAdams4
Girls like Girlsby Libby Adams
A vauseman based fan fiction Set before Litchfield. A story of Alex and Piper's relationship and the build up to it. Written from Alex's perspective, maybe Pipers as we...
Slip Into Your Skin by TheNarrative
Slip Into Your Skinby jj
Oneshot AU. Alex and Piper are their usual, stubborn selves. Filled with teenaged angst but it's mostly fluff. I'm still bad at summaries, deal with it.
Human by TheNarrative
Humanby jj
Piper post-Alex. Slightly AU. Angst, lots of angst.
I Love You and I Hate You by dopemcjc
I Love You and I Hate Youby wheezy
Piper yearns for Alex to trust and love her once again now that she is all alone, and Alex denies her, unsure what to make of her constant betrayal.
Maybe it's not meant to be by hesnotaneggplant
Maybe it's not meant to beby hesnotaneggplant
Piper Chapman is new out of college, looking to explore the world. But first she needs a job. Who would've know that a job interview would completely change the course o...
Near The Edge by TheNarrative
Near The Edgeby jj
One shot, slight AU. Piper's POV. Pretty angsty, I suck at summaries.
Travelin' Soldier (OITNB) by mintgreenclarity
Travelin' Soldier (OITNB)by Girl
Piper Chapman is a waitress and Alex Vause is a soldier, just passing through this little town in Connecticut. What will happen? Is there a chance that these two will co...
Your Way [Vauseman Fanfic] by TheNarrative
Your Way [Vauseman Fanfic]by jj
Vauseman One-shot. Slightly AU. Mostly drabble.
Falling by Attack-On-Boredom
Fallingby Attack-On-Boredom
Piper has just started her junior year of high school. She has the perfect boyfriend that every girl wishes she could have named Larry. But what happens when a not so ne...