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I guess this is goodbye... Lukercy story by CoriWritesStuff
I guess this is goodbye... CoriWritesStuff
"Why don't you trust me?" The hurt in his eyes made my heart ache. "I just thought you'd hurt me just like everyone else." I mumbled. "Just like...
Adore by Persephone_The_Angel
Adoreby Hocus Pocus®
"It is determined. Poseidon. Earthshaker, Stormbringer, Father of Horses. Hail, Persis Jackson, Daughter of the Sea God." - Chiron What if Percy was born a gir...
A New Life - Lukercy / Chaos story by ClarieStars
A New Life - Lukercy / Chaos storyby ClarieStars
Disclaimer : I have no authority over the books or characters, that belongs to the original writer Rick Riordan. I do not claim any authority over the idea of Chaos Army...
Say You'll Remember Me (Lukercy) by consumedbythefandoms
Say You'll Remember Me (Lukercy)by consumedbythefandoms
If only things had been different for Percy Jackson. What if there was no prophecy, no expectations, (no percabeth thankfully). What if there was just Percy, just camp...
Child of Time by novaskull99
Child of Timeby wannadieinahole
The Son of the Titan of Time is sent to go to Camp Half-Blood to learn more about the gods and demigods so that the Titans can finally rule over the Earth. At 12 years o...
The One Who Never Lied (Lukercy)  by Genie-DemonQueen
The One Who Never Lied (Lukercy) by Queen of Ships
Adopted from @Hiss_Hiss_Mofos Hey, so I'm officially trying to write fanfiction! I hope this turns out well. And I will update every Saturday like my other books!
PJO oneshots by Xxblue_cookiezxX
PJO oneshotsby blackjack4ever
These are some oneshots, most of it are Lukercy and Perchaos.
I Am Void by cuddles90902
I Am Voidby Narry Storan
Percy Jackson was a demigod. Or so he thought. After Olympus banished him, his friends left him, and girlfriend cheated on him, he begins to get weird flashbacks, and hi...
I won't leave you alone, I promise by Random_Fangirl138
I won't leave you alone, I promiseby Random_Fangirl138
Continuation to 'Please don't leave me alone'. Jercy. Pipabeth. High school. Pls, do read the first book before you read this. But actually, chronologically this book co...
DISCONTINUED by Angel_of_Ghosts
Chaos' Successor [Percy Jackson] by fantasiaelunae
Chaos' Successor [Percy Jackson]by 🌱
After Percy Jackson is cast out and ignored by even his closest friends, he is recruited by an all-powerful being named Chaos in order to become the Commander of his arm...
You and I  by Warrior_of_Chaos
You and I by Ray Shine
Percy the Angel was kidnapped by his Grandfather Kronos and sent to a Demon's cage. Later on after 2 years in the Demon's cage the Angels find where Percy has been. The...
What Are We? by Angel-Demon-hybrid
What Are We?by Akira Chaos Suta
Lukercy One-shot (In my fanfiction the pjo character have powers similar to semblance and entered into a competetion to be divided up into teams. Similar to RWBY.) (Sn...
Percy Jackson- commander of chaos by Star05Star
Percy Jackson- commander of chaosby Star
Okay okay I know there's a lot of these but I like them and yeah... It is Lukercy And also credit to the artist for the cover... I don't know who you are but good job
Studies Of A Half-Blood by xXtrappedinmymindXx
Studies Of A Half-Bloodby Kieren
This is also posted on under the username CrazyAsARainbowThatNobodySees It's a Percy Jackson fanfiction series **this has no plot at all, just random...
Princess Andromeda  by twistedplots
Princess Andromeda by Twisted
pjo/hoo This is lukercy Slow updates Disclaimer: All rights to Rick Riordan
Revenge, Best Served Cold by HighMuse
Revenge, Best Served Coldby HighMuse
Percy Jackson has been lied to so many times And this is the last time he will take it. I do not own the amazing books that Rick Riordan wrote. This is simply a fanficti...
What if? by LonleyDarkLord
What if?by LonleyDarkLord
What if thalia turned down the hunt? What if nico had never gotten over Percy? What if calypso has convinced Percy? What if percy had joined Kronos? What if the fates ma...
Remember When? by Just_Write_Right
Remember When?by ♡Rainbow Science♡
Revamped (Kinda) of When I remember. Sometimes, naps are too long. Percy Jackson found that out the hard way after waking up from a 700 year long one with only a faint w...
Random Gay-Shots//Not for Fluff  Balls by leo_Awesome_Valdez
Random Gay-Shots//Not for Fluff Leonidas Valdez
Some randm gay shots characters belong to their creators People like @TheHorror66; stay out,u is too Innocent