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The Devil You Know : TMC Fic by ElectroCatXD
The Devil You Know : TMC Ficby _-XD-_
When Y/N, a new alternate who just killed someone and took their place, met Adam and Jonah, things didn't go as planned. Originally, they were going to kill them, but as...
Mandela Catalogue x reader | CLOSED | by _Wither-notfound_
Mandela Catalogue x reader | Yourlocalweeb
I DO NOT OWN MANDELA CATALOGE Alex Krister does I will no longer be wirting anything Mandela Catalouge related because of the drama surrounding Alex Kister, the creator...
Mandela Catalogue REQUESTS (COMPLETE) (PART 1) by the_rocket_scientist
Mandela Catalogue REQUESTS ( Rocket_Scientist
(Shitpost artcover by me) All Mandela Catalogue. The requests are now CLOSED, but the second part for this book is now OUT!!
The Mandela Catalogue Oneshots by JonahMarsha11
The Mandela Catalogue Oneshotsby Jonah Marshall
This will include mostly smut of Character x Character but sometimes I might take requests of Character x Reader, Requests are open!!
A KAILEX fanfic by Win7er209
A KAILEX fanficby Winter
This is my first ever fanfic, so it probably isn't great. this is a kailex story from their very first combat lesson to long after the final book in th series. Most of m...
Mandela Catalogue REQUESTS (OPEN) (PART TWO) by the_rocket_scientist
Mandela Catalogue REQUESTS (OPEN) Rocket_Scientist
All Mandela Catalogue, this is the second part to the first one! (Shitpost art cover by me anyway) Requests are always open, and you can send them through Tumblr, Wattpa...
Cesark doodle book by GleenQuackmire2
Cesark doodle bookby why
Drawings, writings, gifs and random miscellaneous for the Cesar x Mark pair. ❤️🩶 A lesson on why a 30-second interaction on a 15-minute episode means that they're both...
The One | CRENSHAW by realpressuree
The One | CRENSHAWby escape
Lauren London (born December 5, 1984) actress, model . Beginning her career in television acting. Relationships, Drama, Fights come along her way on a beautiful Journey...
Her World (TMC Fanfiction) by Flaming_Tiger302
Her World (TMC Fanfiction)by Ember_KitKat
Two months after Aven's defeat, Alex and her friends are lazing around in the girls' dorm when she is asked what she'll do now that Aven is no longer a threat. Will she...
Opposites Attract  by CashhMeree
Opposites Attract by CashhMeree
21 year old Ariana Fletcher is a bottle girl instagram model and also sells hair to meet ends for her lil brother who she been taking care of since she was 11 due to her...
Medoran Chronicles OneShots by KailexShipper
Medoran Chronicles OneShotsby KailexShipper
Medoran Chronicles OneShots during the books and after them, enjoy! Mostly Kailex stories :) (One smut chapter, but the rest is innocent)
The Fallen Hero Trio (first fanfic) by the_rocket_scientist
The Fallen Hero Trio (first fanfic)by Rocket_Scientist
Three different characters from three different fandoms. All of them are the most popular amongst their fandoms they belong to. All of them are considered handsome, but...
JENRY 💚🧡 by greenoceanfrogs
JENRY 💚🧡by greenoceanfrogs
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Mandela Catalogue ( IDK ) by -SarahE-
Mandela Catalogue ( IDK )by Sarah Unknown
You were finally old enough to get your own house and move out. One thing you didn't know is the situation currently happening around in the counties. Now what happens d...
MandelaTale (feat. Y/N) (Undertale AU X Mandela Catalogue) by the_rocket_scientist
MandelaTale (feat. Y/N) ( Rocket_Scientist
I made an UnderTale Alternate Universe that was fusioned with Mandela Catalogue. Monsters were freed from the Underground by the seventh fallen human, with the souls of...
Secrets Meant to be Forgotten : TMC Fic by ElectroCatXD
Secrets Meant to be Forgotten : _-XD-_
-----[[This book is officially on hiatus until I can focus on Mandela Catalogue again/Know what I'm doing W/ this book]]----- After dragging an unconscious Adam and Jona...
Healing Of Old Wounds: A Medoran Chronicles Fanfic by TotemWolf
Healing Of Old Wounds: A Medoran TotemWolf
(SPOILERS FOR THE ENTIRE SERIES) Aven Dalmarta; the Meyarin rebel prince, claimer of lives and brought about the almost destruction of all mortal lives on Earth. Stopped...
A Tasty Twist! TMC DESSERT SWAP au by giyusleftballsack69
A Tasty Twist! TMC DESSERT SWAP auby CesarTorresSimp
Basically, this is a swap Dessert au! I'll get into more detail soon.
Aaart boookkk... (Mason's art book🐿️👍) by RandomMether
Aaart boookkk... (Mason's art 🍖🌈༼࿙꒻。∏αh★MαԆˢн∀lレ࿚༽🍕✅🔥🚐
please give me criticism hey I draw for fun :) if recently got a newer style and stuff so I'm going to share it. eeermm Mandela Catalogue is my current favorite fandom...