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Plance Crack by Katlynn1224
Plance Crackby Katlynn
#saveourinternet Mostly memes and headcannons. Now includes one shots. Credits to whoever made the cover and the memes you're about to see (I'm not that talented lol).
Vanellope x reader by Theromanticguy
Vanellope x readerby Theromanticguy
You are just a simple boy, you are (your age) years old and when you meet her your LIFE changes You and Vanellope ARE THE EXACT SAME AGE (Sorry it took me 2 years to fin...
Iron man reader x Elsa by Theromanticguy
Iron man reader x Elsaby Theromanticguy
You are iron man. You have just completed your new suit. You take it for a test run when you crash into a ice palace and met...her DISCLAIMER: NONE OF THE CHARACTERS BEL...
Conversation (Screw Article 13) by skylerskyhigh
Conversation (Screw Article 13)by skylerskyhigh
A conversation between me and my friend over the cause of the death of the internet. #ScrewArticle13
STAR WARS Elsa x reader by Theromanticguy
STAR WARS Elsa x readerby Theromanticguy
You are just a normal boy, one day when a sith comes to your village you force push the sith away but the sith kills your parents, you are all alone but then you meet...
Handicapped Reader X Vanellope Von Schweetz by Theromanticguy
Handicapped Reader X Vanellope Theromanticguy
You are a boy in the real world. You were hit by a car at a young age and have been handicapped ever since then. You are a very nice person who tries his best to be nice...