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Warrior (Demi Lovato Fanfiction) (Neon Lights Sequel) {2} by Tammy97
Warrior (Demi Lovato Fanfiction) ( Tammy PierceTheVeil
Demi Lovato thought she had found her soul mate in her wife Ryder Kelly but when she never came home breaking her own heart as well as Ryder. The once bubbly lead singer...
See You Again: A Grivine Fanfiction (Book Three) by ptxgrivine
See You Again: A Grivine 🌺🎭🎶
"I love you," I say quietly. "When can I see you again?" She lets me go and backs up a couple of steps. With tears in her eyes, she tells me, "...
Christina Grimmie Memory/Tribute Book by twcyoungharts
Christina Grimmie Memory/Tribute Sky
Just a book full of memories/tributes/and other fan sent things of the amazing Christina Grimmie who lost her life during a shooting. We love you, Christina, and we will...
The Final Performance •Christina Grimmie by grace_merritt_0529
The Final Performance •Christina Grace Merritt
Christina Victoria Grimmie was a singer/songwriter, actress, child of the Lord, mommas girl, secret elf, hardcore gamer, and a friend to many. She was called home on Jun...
Christina Grimmie Tribute Book by Emilywantstopanic
Christina Grimmie Tribute Bookby Emilia Kuroo
A tribute to one of the most amazing girls in the entire world. Rest in peace Christina. We'll miss you a lot. This is a book full of songs, covers, pictures, and discus...
Guns are...bad... by SkyllarChu
Guns SkyllarNC
A one-shot i made based on what happened in the USA.
Christina Grimmie by hesmydorky
Christina Grimmieby Kim Julma
Here's a dedication for my angel, Christina Grimmie. Rest in peace, beautiful. We love you so much. ps i wrote this after I knew about her death -jul </3
Orlando, Florida June 10th, 10:30PM by despairgyaru
Orlando, Florida June 10th, 10:30PMby moriah.
"Confidence is not 'they will like me' Confidence instead is 'I'll be fine if they don't." - Christina Victoria Grimmie
Goodbye Christina Grimmie by PatienceHatesuEren
Goodbye Christina Grimmieby patience
On friday, june 10th 2016, 22 year old christina grimmie was shot after preforming at the plaza live. she was signing autographs at a meet and greet when 27 year old kev...
Tribute to Christina Grimmie by _killeregui
Tribute to Christina Grimmieby Artemis
Random thoughts about our angel/mother nugget, Christina Victoria Grimmie. If you're a fan, please read these words of courage and self-realization to make it easier for...
Thinking - thoughts for christina grimmie by electricforest
Thinking - thoughts for summer
These are thoughts for Christina Grimmie. I used to watch her all of the time, and her death is actually really bothering me. If you'd like something you have written fo...
In Honor of Christina Grimmie by ItsMeCeciSweetie
In Honor of Christina Grimmieby Ceci (she/her)
Just a poem titled "Christina" I wrote in honor of the beautiful and talented late Christina Grimmie. As well as other things I might include to honor this abu...