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PC Disasters by superstupiddog
PC Disastersby superstupiddog
I'm not referring to personal computers as I'm referring to certain publishers' attempts at courting multiculturalism only to come out with disastrous, botched and embar...
Falling In love  by yungminforever1
Falling In love by Lee kim Ko Song Yungmin
Mark is a young boy, who's mother died when he was 3 years old and his dad supported him throughout the years but is currently working at Canada while his son, mark is...
Inspector Wan & the Case of the Rare Orchid by LyndaLegradi
Inspector Wan & the Case of the Lynda Legradi
An aging Malaysian police detective approaching the end of his career is confronted by a despicable crime and his mountainous rural community is shaken. A young officer...
RACIST or PATRIOT? by Saditheindieauthor
RACIST or PATRIOT?by Saditheindieauthor
A lot of people hide their racism behind patriotism, and, a lot of people mistake patriotic people with racist people. Anele Nokuthula wants the Afrikaners to get out of...
A Plum Pudding of Fiction by Aegidius8991
A Plum Pudding of Fictionby Aegidius8991
An Introduction (Short Version) by Ægidius January 2014 Ægidius is the nom de plume of a well known (but very poor) Architect. His writings are based upon his exper...
Cultural Appropriation: Less Heat, More Light by tmyers36
Cultural Appropriation: Less Tim J. Myers
Cultural appropriation is a hot topic right now, but it's not as simple as some people--on either side--are making it out to be. This is a detailed and balanced approac...
OUR CANADA by gailrunschke
OUR CANADAby Gail Runschke
On this Canada Day, July 1st, 2016, let us invite our friends around the world to join us in our celebrations of peace enjoyed by all inhabitants of this precious land.
Global Terrorism Speech by fantasyjaguar
Global Terrorism Speechby fantasyjaguar
this is a speech I wrote in school and I'd like everyone to see and read it because it's a difficult and important topic of which everyone should be more aware of. than...
Ignorance by IndigoDawn
Ignoranceby IndigoDawn
This is not fiction, but a memoir of myself. I am a Third-Culture Kid (TCK), a daughter of a Taiwanese diplomat... I will soon be 24, and for the first time in my life...
Why Me? by AriG2001
Why Me?by Ari G
As a second generation immigrant who struggles to relate to her parent's cultural identity, Why Me is about a girl who is in search of cultural unity, as she explores th...
Gray Heart: A Skyrim Tale of Family by Ispell2
Gray Heart: A Skyrim Tale of Familyby Patricia
A Dunmer woman arrives home to Windhelm one night to find an almost frozen Nord toddler huddled near a wall in the graveyard on her way back to the Grey-Quarter. She tak...