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  • Operation Camo Gator
    21.9K 234 21

    Ben and Erica end up on another mission involving SPYDER. I know what a surprise! But this mission is different than the others; it's just Ben and Erica. Little do they know SPYDER needs Cyrus Hale for some odd reason and something terrible happens to Spy School. Can Erica and Ben thwart SPYDER again? Or will their re...

  • When the Wizards come calling
    9.7K 294 9

    The demigods are now gods. Sweet. But, as the fates are evil and unable to give us a happy ending, there's a whole new problem to deal with. Namely, a flaming Neville Longbottom falling out of the sky and nearly squashing the new goddess of magic. Neville's rantings about a dark wizard returned and the wizarding world...

  • Percy Jackson and The Avengers
    120K 3.4K 22

    Percy was going to propose to Annabeth Avengers was going to capture a terrorist, Percy Jackson Nick Fury needed a hitman Neither of them saw the new threat coming DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS: THEY BELONG TO RICK RIORDAN AND MARVEL! THANKS!

  • Percy Jackson Truth or Dare
    171K 2.3K 9

    The heroes of Olympus and some of their friends play a vicious game of truth or dare.

  • Demigods....... Texting?
    589K 21K 55

    Hey everybody, before we start I just want to let you know that I know demigods cannot have phones. Also these are just random texts I found on the internet.... All i did was Demigodafiy them... DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS!!!!!!! ENJOY!!!!!! Stay cra cra! ~ Cat.

  • Outside Watchers
    2.4M 43.1K 66

    Cute Percabeth stories seen by friends, mortals and strangers. R&R love you x

  • Demigods at...Hogwarts? {COMPLETED}
    68K 795 35

    The war with Gaea is over, but the quests are not, join our favorite heroes on a quest that may save or destroy the demigods' world as they know it, will you join us? Everyone is aged up to 18. Percabeth is going to college NEXT year. Shoutout to @kid_of_Neptune for still staying with this chaotic mess, thank you so...

  • Truth or Dare Percy Jackson style
    21.7K 283 28

    Percy Jackson and his friends have faced off against many things. Titans, Giants, Gods, and lot and lots of monsters. What happens when you combine a group of ADHD demigods with many diverse powers to play one simple game? Firstly, I can tell you that its gonna be a disaster, but a fun disaster. See what happens by...

  • Demigods at Hogwarts (Discontinued)
    83.7K 1.4K 14

    The Seven plus Calypso, Nico and Will must go to Hogwarts to befriend the Wizards.

  • Percy Jackson Truth or Dare (Demigod Fanfic Series)(Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    497K 9.3K 46

    Uh oh! I guess the seven and the gang are up to no good. Again. This time it's- drum roll please- truth or dare! Truth or dare with demigods (especially with the seven) can get a little messy if you ask me. So are you up to it? I dare you... This book was written in 2014-2015. Disclaimer: The Percy Jackson Truth or Da...

  • For Us Demigods
    286K 6.5K 46

    Three wars. Three wars, they've gone through. You'd think it'd be enough for them. It's more than enough. It's more than enough for all of them. It's more than enough for any human being. But when the gods smell trouble, and ask them for one last favor. How could they possibly say no? Like this: "NO!" It didn't work...

  • Stupid Mortals Meet Demigods: 2 [SMMD 2]
    207K 2.9K 33

    Same stupid mortals being a pain in the ass to demigods!!!! This is the part 2 of the first book 'STUPID MORTALS MEET DEMIGODS' I take requests and update frequently.... So have fun reading and vote if you like!!!!! Comment and let me know your views on each chapter💜💜💜 Cover made by @PXRADISE_LXST Highest Ranking ...