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  • (ew old) Crossmare Oneshots :D
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    ew, gross. damn bitch, you live like this? hmm... well, couldnt be me, that's for sure. Lots of triggers, mature stuff, etc.

  • Lust x Blueberry oneshot book! (Requests are open!)
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    Y E S. This ship is my favorite ship tbh! I hope you guys enjoy!

  • Loth (Lotus (Fell! goth) x Goth (original)
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    These are just a bunch of Oneshots of this ship -w- I hope you enjoy! Im not good at writing so- dont be m e a n LMAO

  • NSFW AfterDeath 30 Day Challenge
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    So, I haven't written AfterDeath yet in a 30 Day challenge. so I thought since I wrote one for Fell!Poth, I decided to write about AfterDeath. poth and fell!poth will be in this book as well. XD ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) prepared to be amazed by the greatest thing ever written. cheers, sinners~ Mr. Fãl

  • UnderRealms
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    UnderRealms is an undertale au that i created and actually liked so here's a story lol.

  • Sanscest art i drew :/
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    you can suggestion some if you'd like lol

  • Ask or Dare Clover!
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    ask or dare one of my undertale oc's Clover!