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  • My Step Dad/ l.s *SMUT*
    146K 3.8K 38

    Louis Tomlinson the towns femboy and most 'innocent' boy in town. Harry Styles, Louis' soon to be step dad. What happens when Harry is to be wed to Johannah but can't stop staring at her 17 year old sons ass? The sinful boy in skirts and panties can't help but lust after his soon to be step dad, and he doesn't want...

    Completed   Mature
  • •Be My Baby• ~l.s, bdsm, mpreg.
    1M 27.5K 55

    When Harry absolutely knows he doesn't want a submissive anytime soon, he meets innocent, blue eyed, curvy little Louis. Will Harry keep Louis? Or will his feelings once again, decide to hide away in the back of his mind?

  • wildest dreams
    70.1K 2.8K 11

    Harry is really hot, Louis is really shy. Harry doesn't want to be hurt, and Louis is desperate for Harry.

  • Locker 17
    29.5M 866K 158

    "It's hard letting go. I'm finally at peace but it feels wrong." {Under going editing. It's being rewritten from the beginning, grammatical errors are being fixed. Should be completely edited and polished by December}

    Completed   Mature
  • Escapade
    210K 2.7K 5

    I DONT OWN THIS STORY!!! It has been written by dolce_piccante on Ao3!! In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He's rich. He's handsome. He's reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happe...

    151K 4.8K 13

    MY SIN, MY SOUL. [ 処女 ] © NAUGHTYNYMPHS the sweet lustful twinge of oblivion leaves two souls connected and destructive.

    Completed   Mature
  • 9pm Bruises [Larry AU]
    187K 6.9K 23

    Louis is a twenty-one year old owner of a popular tea shop called 'Spot O' Tea'. Recently he notices a new customer with curly hair and green eyes, who comes in at the same time every night; 9pm. But that's not what worries Louis. What worries him is the bruises that scatter across his body, multiplying every day.

  • i sleep naked ➸ larry stylinson
    27.6M 1M 88

    "you're so small." as if to prove his point, louis squeezed harry tightly in his arms, and harry just scrunched up a little bit, snuggling his head impossibly farther into louis' chest. "my pretty paper doll." and when louis squeezed him again, placing a shaky, yet warm kiss on harry's cold forehead, harry felt his he...

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Just A Slut
    1.1M 33.2K 28

    Harry's got a reputation for being a player. A 'slut'. A slob who gets his kit off in front of webcams then dates any co-stars he has in one of his upcoming movies. But when he goes home? He just wants his boyfriend. - An AU in which, 23 year old Harry styles is an Adult film star who also plays 'Christian Grey' In th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Brotherly Love l.s.
    159K 5.8K 30

    Nothing like a little "brotherly love" to make your new sibling feel welcomed. Or Louis starts to become infatuated with his new skirt wearing step brother with curly hair and painted nails. {Started Nov 3rd 2019} {Finished Feb 20th 2020} Highest Rankings: #1 in stylinson #1 in femharry #1 in daddylouis #1 in doml...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy. || Larry.
    285K 6.9K 16

    Harry is in college, he goes out to get coffee and meets his new Daddy. MAJOR DADDY KINK IN THIS STORY.

  • golden crown// l.s |mild bdsm/ddlb|
    104K 2.8K 23

    Harry is jealous. Louis is sad. Stan is abusive. Liam is supportive. Niall is in love. oh, and Louis calls Harry daddy depending on the day. It's all normal really.

  • The Light to His Darkness
    121K 3.7K 22

    what happens when 17 year old don harry takes a liking to bullied gay freshman louis tomlinson? au/ lowercase intended

  • His Little Slut {L.S BDSM}
    108K 2.5K 12

    {Slow updates/might be put on hold} Louis Tomlinson was taken away from his family at the age of 15 and was put in a warehouse for sale as a submissive. He was and still hasn't been bought by anyone, but that is until Harry Styles came into the warehouse and decided he HAD to have him. ((Louis tomlinson is 19 at the m...

  • My Hot Stepbrother (L.S.)
    315K 9.6K 47

    "Well he's my stepbrother..." "But that's awesome right? I would love to have a brother." "Yeah it is pretty awesome." I paused and took a deep breath. "I've seen him naked." Louis' father is an abusive man and always hurts Louis because he's openly gay. He has and continues to mentally and physically abuse him. His f...

  • The Stripper and The Dom// Larry
    26.1K 1K 27

    Louis Tomlinson in a stripper. Harry Styles is the biggest fashion designer in the world. He is also a dominate looking for a submissive. And he has his eyes set on Louis.

    Completed   Mature
  • DADDY.// Larry Stylinson.
    297K 9.9K 36

    DaddyStyles: Show me your ass. LouisTommo: fuck off. All Rights Reserved To: Longhairedirwin ©

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm Fine || l.s. ✓
    740K 19.3K 39

    Harry is upset, he just wants someone to care about him but he keeps pushing everyone away. Despite being packed tightly in a tour bus with the rest of the band, he still manages to avoid them. The boys begin to worry, Louis especially. // May 2020 - July 2020 the characters are really annoying oops if this doesn't ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • CamBoy (Larry Stylinson)
    184K 7.4K 15

    Harry is the biggest nerd at his school by day, but the most famous camboy by night. No one else knows about his after school hobby except for his mum, his sister and best friend Liam. Louis is the most popular person at school and is known for bulling the gay kid, Harry. No one but his best friends Niall and Zayn kno...

  • Sexting » Larry AU
    3.7M 120K 51

    [completed] Where Harry meets a horny older boy on Omegle. ... "So you're just gonna send me a photo?" "That's the concept of a nude, yes. Or a video, if you want." "I have a better idea." "What?" "Do you have skype?" ... ⚠️WARNING: MATURE CONTENT AND VULGAR LANGUAGE First published: 31/12-2017

    Completed   Mature
  • I Want to Write You a Song
    759K 22.5K 26

    It all started with the headaches. Harry's fine, he thought just so so tired. My own rendition of the iconic Cold Blue Water fic.

  • Defenceless l.s
    1M 35.6K 74

    Louis is abused Harry is his boss ----- When Louis quits his job, his boyfriend gets him a job interview with the infamous Harry Styles. Louis ends up as his assistant and is forced to spend a lot of time with him. So when they are forced to share a hotel room and Harry discovers his bruises, he's a bit thrown off. Do...

  • powerless - [Larry Stylinson] ✔️
    65.1K 2.1K 19

    In which Louis arrives and a new school and is attracted to the boy every one tells him to stay away from. (A/N i suck at descriptions please read!) COMPLETED - 19 PARTS 💕 ranks 💕 #1 - larryforever #67 - karate #392 - malik #838 - Stylinson

  • Save me - Larry stylinson
    141K 4K 52

    Louis spent year after year under a fake mask. Hiding himself from the world and the people in it. From the moment the tall, brown haired boy stumbled into his life, the mask slowly fell and the high walls he had spent years to build up became short enough for Harry to climb over. SEQUEL "Keep me safe" IS OUT! HIGHES...

  • Unbelievers
    90.5K 1K 11

    this by isthatyoularry on ao3 but i uploaded it to make it more accessible

    Completed   Mature
  • Keep me safe- Larry Stylinson
    28.9K 1.4K 63

    They say that love doesn't know what time, gender and distance is, but it clearly doesn't feel like that. Harry and Louis' relationship is stronger than ever, but is it strong enough? *Sequel to save me*

  • Strawberry Milk
    110K 3.1K 15

    Summary: We'll play hide and seek to turn this around (give me love like never before)... "So here's the thing," he starts. "I didn't mean what I said a few weeks ago to like, hurt your feelings or anything. If you like painting your nails, then you should do that, and not like, care if anyone else doesn'...

  • Young & Beautiful
    471K 11.7K 34

    Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn't stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes. All credits go to ©️ Velvetoscar.

  • Flightless Bird || l.s. ✔︎
    3.3M 147K 38

    Louis is a principal dancer with The Royal Ballet. When his rival, moody dance prodigy, Harry, joins the company, old wounds are reopened and old passions reignited. During the company's production of Swan Lake the secret that doomed their love is finally revealed, but will it be too late? [COMPLETED]

    Completed   Mature