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  • [1] Rising Atrocities
    408 132 14

    "Just because you are different, it doesn't mean you are a monstrosity." It was Chase's 18th birthday and life gave him a curse. A wolf bite. His life takes an audacious turn when he is introduced to a supernatural institution.

  • Annoyingly Cute | Min Yoongi ✔
    395 69 11

    Reader x Yoongi "Why did you come here?" He asked. "Min Yoongi, I swear to god, stop interrogating me, you've been on my nerve long enough!" He smirked. "And perhaps on your mind too."

  • The confused love (unedited)
    14.2K 2.8K 37

    "You are fucking mine .only i have right to kiss those plump lips . I fucking own your soul. Somia is only Haris's ." Saying this he smashed his lips to mine "Jaana . I might be a playboy back . But its my first kiss . You know according to me lip and forehead kiss is just a symbol of love but I accept it today" say...

  • Through the Dark
    5.4K 2.3K 51

    Vianna Austin is a teenage girl who had been living her life to the fullest before obstacles begin to befall upon her. Friendships, love, family, academics; all is suddenly altered when she finds out that Reese, the only person who she calls family, has to leave due to reasons unknown to her. After multiple attempts t...

  • Legends
    1.3K 491 19

    A collection of short stories and poems.

  • All I Have
    9.9K 2.8K 25

    [Featured on Wattpad Official Romance's Reading List!] Marzia Castille has always had dreams. When she was 3, she wanted to be a pop star. When she was 5, she was sure there was a career that meant she could build Lego for a living (spoiler alert; there isn't one). When she was 8, she wanted to be an astronaut. Unlike...

  • Different Worlds // n.h.
    1.9K 328 25

    IN PROGRESS - a niall horan fan fiction. Grace Lennon had a difficult past full of abuse and lies. After turning 18, she decides to run away from home and live elsewhere. She finds a job at the Cardell Palace, where she nanny's the two youngest princes of the family. Grace uncovers a secret that could put her, and ma...

  • Another Life
    6.9K 1.2K 26

    In an alternative reality, Loki escapes with the Tesseract and travels to the future. Not returning home, he seeks a place to stay and crosses paths with Jane Foster. Meanwhile, she has personal problems to solve and a dangerous secret to keep. A simple reunion will become an unexpected journey through emotion. What w...

  • It Started With Lake (Book 1)
    1.2K 360 30

    What happens when the most popular girl in school befriends a homeless boy? *** When seventeen-year-old Emani Jefferson is walking through the rough streets of Chicago, she crosses paths with Lake Richardson. She realizes right away that he's homeless and wants to help him...

    Completed   Mature
  • SHE
    521 156 6

    ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ matter what the fates had decided, no matter how she was fated to end. She never looked behind; and kept walking along her own path. There comes a time, when her powers prove to be a bane for her, when she needs it the most. For her loved ones are those, who sh...

  • The Experimental Cosmos
    1.8K 532 24

    How strong do you really need to be to hold strong even after your beliefs have been shaken to the core? How long can a dystopian society really hold together? More importantly, how long can someone who knows the truth manage to survive? Reticence is the city of introverts-the grand experiment to discover the secre...

  • Lightning Bringer: (Lighting Seeker Book 2)
    1.8K 580 55

    Lightning Bringer: Book Two in the Lightning Seeker Series *** After taking down an AI airship, Vale is put on the AI's Death List and is thrust into the middle of a rebellion against a powerful technological enemy. But when the boy who has been by her side at every turn suddenly vanishes and everyone around her tell...

  • Always & Forever: The Path To Us
    320 41 17

    Luna moves from New York to California with her mom to get away from her abusive dad. She quickly finds out there was more drama here then when she was in New York. She gets wrapped up in a love affair with Bellamy Carter her next door neighbor. She doesn't want to love him but can't seem to shake him off.

  • Can't change the Fate!
    4.8K 1.4K 61

    But before I could take a foot off from the washroom he asked me with a confused look and one lifted eyebrow, "What were you doing in a boy's restroom?" Screw it!! "I...I actually... look everyone has an emergency, right?" I replied at once and left the place without turning back or waiting to see his reactions. Who...