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  • Bts groupchat
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    Where Jin made a groupchat for Bts.. Was that a mistake?

  • Always (JIKOOK SMUT)
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    If you don't like gay ... Get the fuck out!!! Anyways let's go to the story •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• "Hello baby boy" "Wh-who are you...please l-let me g-go I-I di-didn't do an-anything!" " Yes you did baby boy" " W-what? " " You know my secret babe" " wha-.....Ju-jungkook?!" " Yes baby boy... it's me!" Par...

  • broken | jikook ✔
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    jimin is your average depressed boy with a small stutter, and jeongguk is the nice boy with a bitchy girlfriend. includes- self harm rape angst gay shit bxb bottom! jimin top! jeongguk started; june 15, 2019 finished; july 1, 2019 this is your semi-cliche instagram au, its just different. i hope its not too boring...

  • lost diary ➪ jikook ✓
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    Jimin keeps a diary where he writes about all his secrets. What happens when he loses said diary? And who finds it? *NOT PROOFREAD/EDITED*

  • Boy-friend [3]
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    Jungkook and Jimin have been best friends since they where babies. Jungkook had grown feelings for the elder but was afraid to tell the other. Jimin always caught the eyes of others not for his sweet heart or looks but by another special thing. Everyday someone will ask him out and Jimin didn't have the heart to turn...

  • JIKOOK one shot🖤
    121K 2.4K 13

    I'm way more into bottom Jimin and daddy kinky Jungkook but I don't hate top Jimin thou. I enjoyed everything about jikook tbh! If its jikook I'm in😌💜. But these stories are mostly top Jungkook so yeah♥♥ If y'all think the same or opposite let me know! I accept some request, y'all can DM me about it💜.

  • My last letter (Min Suga)
    17.5K 616 19

    Suga write a letter for his band members before he suicide from depression (Please don't hate me this is my first story ever)

  • // -bts incorrect quotes- \\
    56.9K 1.8K 101

    :) ps: all the chapters involving a ship [ex. taekook, jikook, namjin, yoonseok, vmin, etc] are not intended to be shipped. i dont ship any of the members with each other or myself, all is for comedy purposes.

  • i am not [COMPLETED]
    14.3K 450 19

    ❝i am NOT in love with jimin hyung❞ - JJK ❝this u?❞- BANGTAN social media au - completed.

  • In the rain - Jikook
    2.1K 95 17

    Do you hear me Even if you're hurt you don't show it I'm so scared of seeing the end In your eyes I can see the emptiness He's dying inside He wants to think that it's a lie why why Even if I call him , he's not answering A shower of rain In the rain rain rain He's in the rain When I look at how beautiful you are T...

  • 𝕿𝖜𝖎𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝙄𝙙𝙤𝙡
    4.4K 301 27

    Jimin is a fan Jungkook. Jungkook is an idol. Started: January 9 2021 End: ongoing~

  • [Completed] Jikook One Shot || How Can I Love The Heartbreak
    3.8K 155 5

    Two human beings who love each other But a stupid game and a secret ruin their relationship And if the two want to get back together, one of them must be able to embrace broken heart Start : 24, August 2020/ 08:37 pm Ended : 24, August 2020/ 08:48 pm

  • SOPE | Lie
    569K 40.5K 44

    "I'm alright," Hoseok whispers to himself, feeling the pain of another cut forming on his body. Now his back, which would eventually become a scar. "I love you," Yoongi mumbles, feeling the sharp pain of a cut on his neck. Everytime you lie, a scar appears on your body. You only find out where when you feel the pai...

    Completed   Mature
  • now or never | jikook
    82.1K 3.8K 23

    Park Jimin is the only son and heir to the Park Industry, who has no other choice but to walk on the path constructed by his father, even if he had to break the heart of his dear lover, Jeon Jungkook. ••• "Hyung, it's now or never." -jk ps my first book. ©manggaetteok 2019

  • MINE |Jikook √
    304K 12K 75

    "I was about to lose him, he fought hard. Yet I ignored him." "Loving you wasn't really expected, you were my prince yet I wasn't your princess." ================================ What happens if a young boy falls in love with someone who wasn't even gay? What if destiny doesn't approve of their love? What if you have...

  • •A Wish || Jikook
    100K 4.9K 28

    " I didn't give up on you, so why did you give on yourself? " -Jjk

  • OffGun Fun Night Live
    4.8K 56 1

    Completed ✅ Off and Gun host another episode of OffGun Fun Night (Live Stream). They have some special guests and things go further than they ever have in terms of fan service. When the live is over they decide to continue the game and events unfold.

  • Texts | OffGun
    99.7K 5K 21

    Off is always receiving some text messages. But the thing is, he doesn't know who's that person who likes to send him those sweet messages.

  • Always you
    13.3K 566 7

    Everyone loves and adores Gun and Off and are affectionately called the married couple of GMM.. When a misunderstanding causes the couple to break up, everything is thrown into disarray. This is their story as they try to come back to what they used to be. I'll say it again. I suck at descriptions so I will probably...

  • Unexpected Marriage [Completed]
    116K 7.7K 63

    Off and Gun families are so close before then. Their grandfathers were super close when they were young. They treated each other like a brother but they thought 'what if they were a family? What does it feel?'. So one day, both grandfathers promise each other that someday when they have grandchildren they will marry e...

  • Baby Cake || OffGun
    48.7K 2.5K 31

    Where Off just wants to go out with Gun but Gun avoids him, thinking he is a heartbreaker.

  • Mate me
    256K 11.3K 30

    Jimin an omega whose battling with the urge to be with Jungkook a strong, dominating alpha as he knows Jungkook's family will never except him. But Jungkook doesn't care, he knows Jimin is the only omega for him. Jimin will be mated by him and only him.

  • IDOL
    84.2K 4.1K 32

    "If Fate wanted you to be together, YOU WILL BE TOGETHER... IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE RIGHT NOW... WHAT MATTERS TO US IS THE FACT THAT..... IT WILL MAKE ITS OWN WAY TO FIND YOU.." In which Jimin is still waiting for his childhood sweetheart, Jeon Jungkook, who's now working as a famous idol in Seoul.. Can the two finally...

  • Teacher's Pet
    621K 27.5K 58

    "It's just a little school boy crush. I think it's cute." "This isn't normal. He's obsessed." ⚠️WARNING⚠️ Sexual harassment Sexual assault Smut

  • Princess Princess - Jikook
    290K 13.8K 49

    "You can't touch me, I'm f*cking royalty." #6 in Loveyourself -March 8th #4 in Idols - October 7th #49 in Boy Love - December 28th #814 in FanFiction - February 6th

  • His Guardian Angel [JiKook]
    302K 12.8K 16

    Jimin meets a broken teenager, Jeon Jung Kook. But as their friendship continues, Jimin realised that Jungkook's problems are way complicated.

  • Is this love? || Jikook
    271K 7K 73

    "J-Jungkook stop plz..what d-did I do to deserve t-this..."-Jimin "You made me Mad, Jealous,Hate"-Jungkook "You get what you deserve a punishment everyday and night.."-Jungkook "N-No... p-plz...I d-dont w-want t-to..."-Jimin "I don't care.. I'll make you mine even if you are mine I'll still do it to you.."-Jungkook "...

  • The Boy
    61.3K 2.3K 15

    Instagram au. Jimin is Tae's best friend. Jungkook is Tae's friend. Jungkook finds Jimin's account. Tae is jealous and doesn't want to loose his childhood love. Taehyung and Jungkook want Jimin. who is Jimin going to pick? Maybe both?

  • •The Voiceless Melody || Jikook [Editing]
    1.2M 65.3K 69

    " i wanted to own you.. But i ended up being yours. " -jjk Started: 11.Nov.2017 Translated to Arabic by @jeonjimin_a

  • SEX ED (jikook)
    743K 28.7K 55

    Jungkook is a high school teacher.. thing is he isn't a normal teacher he specialises in a certain subject that being... ed Little does he know a certain student wants to test his knowledge in the field...that being... ...Park Jimin Hey everyone this book is dedicated to my boo mayo she is my life and I love he...