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  • The Beta's Young Warrior (Book 2 of Young Mate Series)
    19.5K 744 28

    She was the Beta's young mate, but she was something more. She knew it, her father knew it, and maybe her mate knew it. She was a fighter, a warrior, born to serve and to protect the packs from the evil surrounds them. She was one of the ones that were born from the original twelve and was known as the leader amongst...

  • Wolf In The Night ✚ Book Two ✚
    240K 11.9K 11

    "A direction... An order... A command with just his eyes… We weren’t going back.." - book one. Judd and Elle, are back for a new adventure.. If you thought what they'd been through was tough, then you haven't read anything yet.. It's only just the beginning. A new home.. A kidnapping.. A birth.. A new love.. A whole...

  • How Alpha Found His Luna
    6.6M 182K 42

    I almost choke on the piece of chocolate covered strawberry as I saw Alpha Liam from the Crimson Fangs Pack come walking towards me with a smile. I start looking behind me to see if he's really looking at someone else but I notice it's just me standing here. Once he approaches me, he holds out his hand. "May I have...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rejected Alpha
    743 98 13

    Thorin is son to the Head of the Wolf Council and was destined to replace his father upon retirement. All his life, his father has trained and prepared him for the very moment. Thorin was lucky enough to find his mate, Lucille, when they were just sixteen. Both of their futures were set. Nothing and nobody would g...

  • A Twist of Mates
    95.7K 2.8K 38

    Jared is a successful Alpha that is also the town's police chief. He not only keeps his pack safe but he also likes to protect the humans in his territory. He's 22 and never found his mate. But one night on a routine traffic stop, his world is turned upside down and life as he knows it will never be the same. From the...

    Completed   Mature
  • the Journey to my Mate.
    2.9K 184 48

    In a car accident, Victoria loses her family. Unable to cope with the loss, she takes (or flees) the first plane that has a seat left on it. 5 months later, she meets Rick. He is also fleeing his loss. His mate and pups were killed in a rogue attack. They meet at the right time, Victoria sees in him an older brother...

    Completed   Mature
  • IMPRESS. [Book 1]
    1.8M 68.8K 108

    [BOOK ONE OF THE RIVALRY SERIES] ✨ • • • The royals are throwing the biggest event of the century. An event where six girls are chosen to compete at impressing the dark, blood-driven prince for a chance to become the future Queen of Asten and it's five regions: Agriassi, Iclia, Miriadan, Weimos, and the capital Aerali...

  • My mate. My brothers bestfriend.
    1.2M 24.6K 28

    Meet Gray. Just turned 18. She got her wolf. She has grown always wanting a mate and the stories that are told about mates. She has always loved her Mum and Dads mating bond. He parents were taken away from her and her older brother Damon. They were a Rouge attack that killed alot of poeple in her pack. However, it t...

  • Mate!
    1.2K 60 25

    A happy girl living her life as if it was the last finds her mate who is controling and overprotective when he finds her. He forces her away from the life she had and the only place she knew as home. As a consequence she acts up, but will they put aside their negative feelings and make their bond stronger?

  • Alpha Malik (Published)✔️
    6.1M 153K 25

    *BOOK FIVE* (Can be read as standalone) *Completed* "Two girls from each Pack have been selected to represent themselves and their morals, to determine who is best suited for Alpha Malik...." *** After being kidnapped and abused by an unruly rogue organisation, Aria is forced enter a competition with a man who has giv...

  • Alpha Jasper | ✔️(Published)
    9.2M 192K 23

    *BOOK FOUR* (Can be read as standalone) (OFFICAL PREVIEW FOR THE PUBLISHED NOVEL NOW ON AMAZON!) *Completed* *** In a small town where no one leaves, and no one comes in, a myth lives. In a town that is surrounded by a legend of cruel, murderous wolves that kill the innocent in command of an Alpha. An Alpha, centur...

  • Kissing Danger ✔️
    599K 15.4K 48

    "Is this what you want?" he murmurs, gaze gliding down to where his fingers linger dangerously on my upper thigh. Resting his hand on the surface beside me, he leans down above me. "You just have to say it, and it's yours." *** On her eighteenth birthday, Aven starts to notice strange things. She feels watched, and on...

  • Ivanov
    37.3K 1.6K 14

    Sequel to Iris. Iris Garcia, now 19 years old, has the most amazing relationship with her brothers. After incidents which drew them impossibly closer, what will happen when a very special someone wiggles their way into her thoughts? And her heart? **** "So all of a sudden you're scared? You had such a big mouth before...

  • Beauty and the Wolf
    83.1K 2.2K 38

    Venus Fox was an eighteen year old human with a dark past. Sebastian O'Connel was a twenty four year old alpha with a hatred for the human world. And they were mates. She was everything that he detested. He was everything that she feared. Together, they were like fire and ice; polar opposite ends of the same spectru...

    Completed   Mature
    388K 10.5K 64

    "Do you think you could love him?" She asks me, hopeful. "If he was made for me don't you think he would be better to me, treat me like an equal? Don't you think that he would be nicer, simply just appreciate that I'm here? That he would try and make a better effort? He doesn't care. All he does is keep me locked up...

    Completed   Mature
  • Delta [Epsilon #2]
    63.5K 3.5K 69

    [BOOK #2 OF THE AWARD-WINNING EPSILON SERIES!] ❝I hate him. He's crude. Arrogant. Vile. I hate him so much that sometimes, when I look at him, I can hardly breathe.❞ ************** Kyra's just escaped narrow doom, but at what cost? For Kyra, Azure, and Raina, the Northern Court is their new refuge. However, matters ar...

    Completed   Mature
  • Night
    4.8K 267 40

    Shayla is human. Normal? Well, you can make up your mind on that one. She makes an unexpected visit to her brother's. She needs to tell him something but is having trouble finding the strength to. In a town where almost everyone doesn't want her there; something unexpected happens. So, what will the Alpha do with hi...

  • The Consort
    11.2M 440K 56

    It took the Beasts mere weeks to overthrow the human government and eliminate most of the population. Those who survived were put into slavery, forced to spend their lives serving the royal families and wealthier Beasts. Adeline has been a servant for the royals for as long as she can remember. It's hard work, but she...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hybrid's Hollow
    131K 7.5K 74

    Supernatural creatures are real. They are a part of the world now, instead of hiding in the shadows. They want to belong. Will they? When Davyna's mother is killed protecting her from a vampire attack at their home, she vows never to be weak or unprepared again when it comes to ANY supernatural. But when her father is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rogue Luna
    5.6M 153K 54

    Amina was a beautiful, kind, strong, funny werewolf. She witness her family and pack killed by another pack... the bloodmoon pack. Her father was the alpha & mother was the Luna. Amina vowed that she'll avenge her family & pack (the crescent moon) death. Meaning going rogue. Kingston is alpha's of all alpha's. His pa...

    Completed   Mature
  • His To Love And Theirs To Protect
    1.3M 45.4K 38

    Alena Brown is half witch, half human but that doesn't mean she isn't as powerful as her mother. Alena just wants to finish school keeping to the shadows and going with the flow, but that's easier said than done when she finds herself in between a Beta and future Alpha at school. Daniel Smith and Dean Hilling are both...

  • The Hunt
    653K 23.9K 22

    Mason Meyers and Alexia Martinez are sent away from the comfort and familiarity of their home to investigate a series of killings that may or may not be the work of a werewolf. No newly changed werewolves were taking responsibility for their kills against the human women, so it was either the work of humans or worse...

  • Starting Over
    2.4M 49.4K 26

    Alexia Martinez was a cop for 10 years and it was no secret that she’s burnt out. She’d seen and been in every situation imaginable…and it was all starting to get to her. That was until she was attacked by a werewolf. Then her life is flipped over on itself. She’s always been a fighter, but there’s only so much you ca...

  • Everything Changes
    2.7M 51.5K 34

    The sequel to It's Complicated. Life throws curveballs. Casey Anderson knows this, but can’t seem to get a break. She’s finally allowed to leave the city, after 5 years, to come back to a place where nothing is the same. Casey is forced to cope with more than she’s ready for. Will she ever get a break?

  • It's Complicated...
    2.1M 34.4K 18

    Growing up isn't easy. Growing up (human) in a house full of werewolves makes it even harder. Casey's parents died and left her with her older brother. Werewolves are moody and tempermental. They're possessive and mean. But they love their pack and protect what's theirs. This is how Casey grows up in a house full of w...

  • Royal Alpha Jaxon ✔️
    17.9M 541K 36

    *Mature Content* (First installment of the Trial Series) *English Version* Juliette Kerson does not want to fall for the Alpha Kings scheme of luring in Wolves, forcing them to compete for a place in his pack by attending the Thirty Day Trial. She wants freedom, not discipline. But this year, she is nominated to comp...

  • The Wolf and his Moon
    227K 13.4K 46

    •FEATURED STORY ON 3 OFFICIAL PROFILES OF WATTPAD• Alacris Valencia had always lived a perfect life. Aadolf Cadman had lived anything but. She wanted him as soon as she saw him without knowing what they were. He simply didn't despite the knowledge. It's not selfish to do what is best for you though. However, some batt...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Forbidden Alpha
    3.4K 41 10

    Adea isn't interested in dating or finding her Goddess-chosen mate. She's determined to ignore the nightmares that plague her sleep, keep her job at Half Moon pack, and live a peaceful life. When her best friend, Mavy begs her to go with her to Desert Moon to find her mate, she can't say no. What does Adea do when she...

  • His Mistake
    677K 15.8K 21

    Rosalind Marie Hunter is a 17 year old warrior werewolf of the Moon Lake Pack. The thing is she inst just werewolf. She is a third werewolf, vampire, and angel. She is invisible in her pack even though she is the strongest warrior wolf , soon to be taking over her parents' role. She is as strong as the Alpha himself...

  • Bella
    45.7K 1K 26

    In contrast to my brother and sister, I'm.....average. And that's a nice way of putting it. My brother is 6'2, has blue eyes, and brown hair (like my mom). He's in the basketball team, and the student body vice president. My sister is 5'10, has brown eyes, and strawberry blonde hair (like my dad). She's the captain...