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    Tags and memes (very surprising, I know!)

  • Queen Oneshots
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    Oneshots about my favorite band, Queen, and probably some hardzello. EXTREMELY SLOW UPDATES This book will contain both smut and fluff.

  • News of the world- Joger/dealor
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    John Deacon is an English teacher at Roger Taylor's high school. Both men catch themselves falling for each other. But it's not allowed. They couldn't be together. Could they? Completed. Sequel is called You Take My Breath Away.

    Completed   Mature
  • Turtle doves- Froger and Breaky
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    Freddie Mercury and John Deacon, who go to school together in India, both get very interesting pen pals from London. Brian May and Roger Taylor are both dying to meet their pen pals from India. So what happens when Freddie and John move to England after graduation? Sorry dears, I'm terrible at descriptions. :)

  • You Take My Breath Away- Joger/Dealor
    6.4K 360 49

    SEQUEL TO NEWS OF THE WORLD. READ THAT FIRST. Roger Taylor and John Deacon have continued their happy life together. They've got their own family and all. They love their life, even though it's much different than the lives of many others.