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  • Cold Blooded Love (Taehyung Short Story)
    423 22 7

    Yn always wants a happy life. Well if i say more clearly yn wants a happy life with taehyung. But life went on it's day yn gets to meet taehyung but as her sister's boyfriend. Her sister -irene. Who hates yn but pretends to be nice.a family who hates yn. What will happen when yn gets married with taehyung. "B...

    Completed   Mature
  • I am sorry -k.t.h (yandere ff)
    4.9K 177 18

    tae:i like you yn:did you ever ask me if i love you? taehyung was shocked tae:so that's mean you love me? yn:no tae:then yn:i hate you taehyung's eyes become dark and he say tae: well you don't have a choice ---_---------------------------------_-----_------- what will happen when a handsome boy fell in love with you...

  • Tyger Tyger Burning Bright✔️
    257 35 4

    Taehyung x Reader A four part journey detailing tiger-hybrid Taehyung's pleasantly unexpected entrance into your life. Despite his rough past, a beautiful companionship blossoms. A trusting friendship and reciprocal crushes ensue.

    Completed   Mature
  • TROUVAILLE | kth
    197 36 3

    ❝you're afraid.❞ ❝am not. you're just like a very unfriendly blanket. ❞ ✰ trouvailles of the past and trouvailles of the present; they've morphed into a bitter reminiscence of something that doesn't want to be remembered. COMING SOON! a kth fanfiction © Zahi 2020-21

    2.6K 257 19

    Raechi condition was not good she didn't have that much money .She is college student who have less friends. Her attitude is only good for her friends .The new student Jungkook becomes her good friend Raechi didn't knew his identity .Raechi has past issues because of her ex Minseok .Her best friend Lisa and jen...

  • The Dark Heir: Sinner ✓
    768K 89.7K 85

    "Bed is where all the soft dicks turn into hard sinners." #2 in FANFICTION✓ © sujinniie 2020-2021 ✓

    359K 14.3K 35

    ❝stop sucking on that fucking lollipop.❞ ⌲ completed (2017) ⇲ short chapters + fluff / angst (kind of) ⇲ highest rank: #7 taehyung [05.23.18]