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  • Izuku's Creati! (Original)
    223K 2.7K 19

    Izuku finds out that Uraraka had cheated on him with bakugo, because Izuku was takeing things "slow", so goes and grabs a drink. but after getting to drunk amd stubaling his way back to the dorms he meets momo along the way, she helps him to his room. and notices a note, its a sucided note.

  • Izuku DxD: Izuku Has Arrived
    146K 2.2K 18

    It was Izuku's start of his second year in UA and there was an attack. Yay... There was a portal that opened it was about to swallow Aizawa. He rushed to save his teacher by pushing him out of the way. It ended up taking him. Izuku was sucked up through the portal, he was taken to a weird place to say the least, but...

  • Baby Bonanza
    945 78 1

    Hatsume has always lingered between the point of idealistic and insane. However, one day she tests that limit and uses all the female students in the first year hero course and some others in an experiment. How will Izuku handle the fact he is trapped in a situation of parenthood and will he be able to handle his life...

  • Successor Of The Monkey King
    1.3K 66 5

    Izuku never had a quirk when he was a kid and often been pick on because of that. It soon change that the Monkey King, Sun Wukong choice him as his successor of his power. Becoming the successor of a power being he have to fight Devils, Gods, and other's while becoming a hero.

  • MHA X overwatch: The hacker hero. [DISCONTINUED]
    37.2K 500 18

    Izuku always felt a strange connection with technology. He was able to master any form of tech in seconds. But izuku's curiosity left him in the world of hacking. He found out he was naturally adept at hacking, and his quirk Planet Hack was very helping towards this. Izuku became Sombra, the shadow hero. He saved a lo...

  • Izuku 'the blade' midoriya
    87K 1.7K 15

    Izuku was framed for being the UA traitor at the USJ and was sent to Tartarus for life. He was betrayed by everyone and everything. He shut himself out from the world, and thought he was the only one who felt this way. That was, until, he met someone. And that someone was just like him. Watch now as izuku becomes the...

  • Izuku Midoriya: The Betrayed Uchiha
    73.8K 1.2K 56

    After everything he has done for those he considered his friends deku believed that all of his hard work and his heroic deeds that got him this far never would he have thought that it would all come crashing down in one day having those he loved and trust turn their backs on him when he needs them the most but before...

  • Into the deku verse
    75.4K 680 9

    It was just a normal day for class 1-A. It was a weekend and everyone was just chilling in the dorms but with every nice day there is always a downfall to every day. In there case someone kidnapps them.

  • He's So Gone
    15.9K 394 15

    When Izuku was 12 he found out that Inko had a child with All Might when she was married to his father. Inko and All Might got together and they all moved in together. They gave everything to Izumi, everything or friend Izuku had Izumi took them. Izuku has a quirk but its dangerous so he hides it. All of Class 1-A wen...

  • Villainous Yet Loyal
    2.5K 110 3

    This story is about a boy named Izuku Midoriya and his secret villain girlfriends, Izuku recently found out that the girl's of Class 1-A secretly cheated on Izuku with the other boys of Class 1-A. This struck Izuku hard all this time the nice things he did for them and all the nice presents he bought them were just t...

  • My Alchemist Academia
    42.2K 961 19

    Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be given. That it's Alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, Izuku Midoryia believed that to be the world's one, and only truth.

  • Witch Luz X Human Amity. Lumity Fanfiction
    167K 8.2K 135

    ❗Hey! Quick warning! If you're not comfortable with some gorey scenes, please pick another one of my stories! Just some abuse, but don't be alarmed! Just for a few episodes and you're home free!❗ In this AU, Luz is in every track. But her main one is Beast Keeping. She does the others for fun or extra credit. Luz is s...

  • Ain't No Rest For The Wicked (Izuku x Loona)
    5.4K 214 5

    Izuku died...he can't remember how, but he did - and now he's in hell working full time for ten bucks an hour as an Assassin for I.M.P in Imp City - Pride Ring. Y'know for hell...they do have some pretty adorable wolf women.

  • Deku Oneshots
    20.7K 192 11

    Mostly romantic involving different partners

  • MHA/BNHA Reacts to Stuff
    60.7K 474 40

    The Gods are what watch the people from many Universes and protect them all from destruction and sometimes would bring people to react to things. The thing that the Gods like to do is to celebrated their daily tradition that is to bring people to go watch many things of randomness and possibilities that could've happe...

  • Multiverse of Izuku
    14.6K 443 7

    Class 1-A, The pro heroes, LOV, Nezu, Inko, Izuku's Father, Stain, Eri, Kota, Nana Shimura, Mei, Shisnso, Fuyumi, Natsuo, Mirio, and Tsukauchi were teleported into a Movie theater. And Were told they were going to watch the multiple reality of Izuku Midoriya. What will happen? (They will be watching some one-shots I...

  • Her Hope And His Light
    4K 54 9

    Ruby Rose, a 15-year-old girl who is hated for her mere existence. Unloved by her father Taiyang and her sister Yang as well as her own team, she decides to leave Beacon. Then, somebody comes and changes her life forever...

  • Deku Versions
    18.8K 239 6

    Our Author here decided to have fun let alone being HALF a millennia at AGE. I mean who wouldnt have fun when they are a Millenia old?

  • Izuku the Betrayed and Determined Hero
    55.8K 538 15

    Disclaimer: I do not own Undertale, Glitchtale, or My Hero Academia. All videos are not mine. No images are mine unless stated other wise. Also, this book will have profanity, mentions of sex, and I may add some gore near the end. It was a few hours after All Might had been killed saving Izuku. He thought it was bad e...

  • Broken Bonds
    445 7 1

    " Izuku Yagi..." "Izuku Yagi....." "That isn't my name." "Then what is it?" "Izuku Da'mon the king of the gods."

  • What It Means To Be A Hero
    1.5K 69 15

    The first 3 chapters are writen badly so the story only gets better starting from chapter 4. Main Ships (non-toxic): Tododeku Overdeku Shigadeku A cute little 4 year old boy named Izuku Yagi who has green hair, 4 dotted freckles that are miraculously aligned perfectly in each of his cheeks, jade colored eyes and two...

  • Dragons and Bunnies
    96.5K 1.9K 19

    Izuku Midoriya. Normal kid, minus the power of All Might, is hit with a hard truth at the end of his first year at U.A. Most of his class hates him. Even the girl he thought had a crush on him secretly hates him. Feeling fed up with the groups comments, he leaves for his Grandparents in America, where he lives for the...

  • "The Right One" (Izuocha)
    29.5K 691 16

    This story takes place in the future when Class 1-A has already graduated and become Pro Heroes. Deku moves to America for a short while, but when he arrives, everything is different. Disclaimer: This is my first story, so I hope you enjoy! I don't own any of the characters Cover Art by: @motime_art CURRENTLY ON HIATUS

  • Devil's Blessing (MHA)
    11.8K 375 13

    When Izuku Midoriya's dream gets crushed by his Idol, #1 Pro Hero All Might... He is devastated. But once Izuku finally gets his quirk, he will join the U.A. hero course. Just to prove All Might & everyone thought the same wrong. I Do Not Own MHA!!! Art Not Mine!!!

  • The Quirk Maker Hero: Deku
    39K 1K 12

    ||Izuku Yagi is the son of Inko Yagi and Toshinori Yagi, He has a twin sister names Izuka Yagi. As a child he had three best friends, one being his twin sister and the other two being Katsuki Bakugou and Shoka Todoroki (Todoroki's twin sister. Todoroki doesn't hang out with them cause of his dad.) He had a perfect lif...

  • How My Hero Academia Characters Would React to Ships
    436K 4.4K 128

    The title says it all.

  • You're Beautiful ~ Jidoriya {Editing a bit}
    26.2K 284 11

    I hope you like the story that is now like 2 years old... anyways, i don't edit this story anymore, so feel free to add onto it in another story if you like, but at least credit me for this one-

  • [Fem] Shoto Todoroki x Izuku Midoriya] Icy hot and the Broccoli head
    28K 389 17

    What would happen in an alternate universe where Izuku can use 100% of OFA and Todoroki is a girl? Izuku is just a normal kid with a quirk until he starts to attend the famous UA High school.

  • Complicated love
    17.7K 548 12

    Deku was a great hero in training. He had a girlfriend named Himiko Toga. She was a villain. He knew that. He acted like he didn't know however, so he could stay with her because he loved her. Vampire was a feared villain known throughout the city. She had a boyfriend named Izuku Midoriya. She knew who he was, a hero...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Hero for Everyone
    161K 2.6K 50

    This story is on hiatus until the fifth season of "My Hero Academia" because the ending is later in the story than where the animated season is now and I don't want to spoil anyone. Story: Vigilante then Hero Deku AU. Ship: Izuocha This is the rewrite of my first story. For those who have come for the same story ... k...