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  • ✨Juke✨ One - Shots
    155 15 3

    Just a bunch of romantic fluff between these two! All PG! Hope you enjoy! DISCLAIMER - I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE JULIE AND THE PHANTOMS CHARACTERS! P.S - This will at least have weekly updates! :)

  • The Daughter of Bill Cipher
    491 49 18

    A few days after the nightmare realm spilled into Gravity Falls, Bill Cipher got sent back to the mindscape. Since Stan regained his memory, Bill got himself back to the only place he could go. But he had a plan, and it involved getting a human child to send to Gravity Falls. That is where his new adopted daughter, Ha...

  • Secret Society Of Second Born Royals
    16K 243 42

    Where Olivia Maria Grace is a unique second born with unbelievable powers but also the foster sister of princess Roxanna Note I do not own the movie just my character and her storyline and under heavy editing

  • Living My Nine Lives
    128 19 7

    A young street cat named Juniper has never been interested in magic. Of course there are cats with powers, but she isn't one of them. She has never been interested in the earth cats that live by her. She just wants to live her life as a street cat. Getting dumplings as often as possible. Until one day she is enjoying...