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  • Pokémon: Heridas Del Pasado
    320K 21K 203

    "Ese miserable se arrepentirá de lo que me hizo... Acabaré con el yo mismo... Sin importar que tenga que irme al infierno junto con el... Con tal de obtener mi venganza" -Ash Ketchum

  • The Voice (An Amourshipping Story)
    95.7K 2.9K 41

    Ash Ketchum, a boy who blew up on the internet after a friend of his posts a video of him singing. The young 14 year old boy becomes a superstar, but can he handle the costs that come along with the 'dream' Everything has a price.... (No Pokemon are in this btw)

  • The Pokemon Master
    7.7K 318 8

    Ash Ketchum, The Prince of the Kanto-Jhoto empire is known to be the most powerful Aura Guardian alive and the son of Ex-World Champion and King of Kanto-Jhoto, Late Red Ketchum, and The top coordinator of 4 regions and the ex-Kalos Queen(Performer wise) And the Current Queen of Kanto-Jhoto Empire, Delia Ketchum. He's...

  • Betrayed, but not alone
    31K 490 13

    Ash Ketchum, a fifteen year old boy, has lost the Alola League to Galidon. He arrives home to see his old companions. They tell him to give up even his own mother, all but one honey haired girl of fourteen and 2 nine year old Ash runs away to Mount Silver with his Loyal Pokemon. What happens when he returns? I don't o...

  • Smile | Pokemon {UnForgivable Re-Write}
    6K 28 1

    "Can you tell my ghost that she doesn't belong here." _____ Ash x Bea Achievements : #1 In Bea #1 In Pokemonbattles #1 In Gen7 #1 In Gen8 #1 In Alola #1 In PokemonAu #1 In Au #1 In Kukui #1 In Ash #1 In Galar

  • Ash Ketchum: The Prisoner Of Cell 25
    15.1K 632 53

    "The story I'm about to tell you is strange. Very strange. It's my story." To everyone at Meridian High School, Ash Ketchum is an ordinary fourteen-year-old. But Ash Ketchum is anything but ordinary-in fact, he's electric. When Ash's best friends, Clement Citron and cheerleader Serena Yvonne, make an accidental...

    409K 8.9K 97

    Champion Leon Will Be Ready, The People All Around The World Will Bear Witness, When Champion Of Alola And Alolan Queen Will Fight Side By Side ... Together.

  • The Way I Look at You
    22.6K 294 17

    This story is non canon (obviously) and terribly outdated as this was written before Ash won the Alolan League and I truly don't want to rewrite all of this- The reason why this story is being created is because I've gotten inspiration from many writers of this topic and i wanted to give it my twist, sorry if my story...

  • Extraordinary Champion
    57.6K 1K 17

    Ash Ketchum, known worldwide as the reigning Champion of Kanto. He won his first league at the incredible age of 10 and blitzed through to the Hall of Fame a few months after his 11th birthday, becoming Kanto's youngest champion and beating the previous record by 4 years. His championship team was unbeatable and was o...

  • Oblivious Pokemon Master
    64.9K 860 21

    After the Eternatus attack in the Galar region, Ash decided to train and make himself more stronger to battle the Champion Leon. Professor Cerise told ash that he needs to train harder so He can reach his goal to become a pokemon master. Ash agreed and told Professor Cerise to not tell Goh and Chloe about this. Well...

  • Broken Pokemon Master
    38.3K 632 22

    There is a story a legendary tale which tells about a strong trainer who live on mt silver the one of dangerous and harsh place in whole universe with his Pokemon and parents. Ash Ketchum What happened to this cheerful boy who have to live on mt silver? What will happen when he participate in a tournament? Read to fin...

    68K 875 47

    Ash has finally arrived in a new region ready to win more badges and leagues hopefully.But soon he discovers new joy in joining Pokemon school. Follow Ash through a brand new Clevan region as he competes for trophy of greatest Pokemon league. But this time , it is all different. May , Dawn, Serena and Anabel are inter...

  • The Legend's Journey - Ash
    10.4K 156 5

    A Journey like no one ever had. A boy and a charmander, create their own legacy. Tough yet adventurous mixed up with fun, A JOURNEY, that everyone remembers. "Let my power powers the entire system, Duo Mega Evolution" *BBOOMM!!" Disclaimer :- I don't own Pokemon The pictures used in my story are not mine. Credit goe...

  • Ash's Journey Through The Regions!
    1.1K 20 5

    In this book, Ash will be more aware of Pokemon. He will have more knowledge of them and be able to train them much better than usual. Although this version of Ash won't have any special background like aura guardian or anything like that he will but this Ash will be trained in the arts of martial arts. But the thing...

    Completed   Mature
  • Invictus (An Amourshipping Story) (ON HOLD UNTIL MAY)
    7.1K 183 18

    Ash Ketchum - Champion of the Alola Region; He is now facing the toughest challenge of his entire journey, the world championships where the best trainers come face to face in battle. Can he become a pokemon master once and for all as he has always dreamed? Will he achieve something more than just pokemon master statu...

  • Going back to aura [Completed]
    9.8K 110 9

    *Disclaimer* I don't own the song,pictures,videos,characters,or Pokémon. Credits goes to the owner. After Ash founds out that Delia is not his real mother. He and his partners (Greninja and Pikachu) ran away to find his real parents. Then, they met a (talking) Riolu who joined Ash and his partners (Greninja and Pikach...

  • Ash Journey
    26.5K 334 31

    This is what i think ash journey should have gone, from kanto to Unova...

  • Pokemon Academy: Bonds of Amour
    59.8K 1K 29

    1: Bonds of Amour The Kalos Region, also known as The Region of Love. One day, Ash was finishing his adventure through Unova, and the next, he finds himself moving to Kalos with his old friend Gary. There, Ash finds himself reuniting with old friends and making new ones, but one stands out in particular - Serena Yvon...

  • Special One
    103K 2.6K 34

    "There is no such thing as Fate" His mother and the rest of his race was murdered because of who he is He has powers, Like he has the power to turn into any Pokemon he wishes to And for that, he was considered an outcast to the outside world He has been in hiding with the rest of his people Until the leader of T...

  • Legendary master book 1:New regions? New Adventure {COMPLETED}
    1.9K 34 11

    Join Ash,Goh and there pokemon as they get teleported into fan regions to act out those Adventures will they find out how to get Back? While this is going On someone plans to steal Ash's tittle of Alola champion it's up to Cluie who's gone on Holiday to Alola for awhile to make sure the tittle is safe until they retu...

  • Do I Still Love You
    9.1K 167 11

    Ash won the kalos league and is now living in Kanto but many years later ash goes back to kalos as the new kanto champion ash meets up with his traveling partners but there is still somthing serena can't let go of and that ash is now figuring out will they tell each other how they feel or just say goodbye all over aga...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pokemon Ash Betrayed Aura Guardian (AshxHarem)
    50K 394 8

    After Ash Ketchum the chosen one lose the Unova league in the finals he get betrayed by his Friends en leaves to get stronger with his pokemon he find out he is the son of Sir Auron and that he is a Aura Guardian. After his training he goes to Kalos and becomes the champion of Kalos. After he becomes the champion he g...

  • The Galar Betrayal
    3.7K 32 11

    Ash is now the first and ever Alola Champion. But what happens if he was betrayed by his friends, family, and Pokemon.(I do not own Pokemon)

  • Kalos Ace High (A Multishipping Story)
    5K 160 12

    Author's taking a 6 months~1 year break for future chapter's inspiration. Cover made by: Rakuyouu (Thank you so much!) Ash Ketchum and most of his travelling companions and rivals, are 10th graders Kalos Ace High, the most prestigious high school in the Kalos Region. They're literally the best among the students there...

  • Loss is a part of victory
    56.2K 616 11

    (basically a Ash betrayal story) after Ash lost in kalos league final by Calem everyone thought him as a loser,as his friends have achieved their dreams.serena as being the kalos queen cannot be friend with a loser because of her reputation. read the story to see what will happen next. and*sigh*I unfortunately don't o...

  • Realisation hits hard
    229K 2.1K 23

    Ash Ketchum have traveled 6 region and participated in many league but never able to win.after the close loss in kalos league Ash have been unusually quiet,one day while watching his Pokemon playing the suddenly realised something that changes his life. what does he realise? how does it changes his life? to know read...

  • Betrayal
    19.9K 714 28

    Season 1 (Finished) Ash along with his Alolan friends come home to meet his mother. He finds out that his worst dream is becoming true. His friends betrayed him. The people he trusted turned against him except few. He decides that he will come back and when he will, the world will shiver in fear due to his wrath and i...

  • Pokemon: Master tournament
    5K 84 20

    All trainers from around the all regions are ready to battle be the master trainer but twist and turns along the journey

  • A New Life
    11.1K 107 5

    After 6 years, Ash Ketchum returns under a new name after being betrayed by his so-called friends. Now he's back. Better than ever. He will prove to them that he has what it takes to become a Pokémon master. ~~~ THIS IS MY REWRITE ATTEMPT. THIS IS NOT MY ORIGINAL WORK. The original will be in the description. This st...

  • The Betrayed Silent Champion of Kanto and Alola Pt 2
    1.9K 51 4

    This is an adopted story originally made by @Yatengami_Skullz_21 He has given me rights to continue updating this story on my account. This will literally be a continuation, no back story or info. If you want the information of the story (directed to new readers) Go to user's account shown above and read his portion o...