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  • Talk To Me In Korean - Level 1 (Complete)
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    Do you want to learn to speak korean and learn how construct sentences ? Then Talk To Me In Korean helps you to grow your knowledge about Korean Language. Then read this and don't forget to vote and leave a comment ! ^~^ 감사합니다 침구 ! ** Published in Wattpad by: i want to share

  • <UNIT 1> Korean Language (한국어) [Grammar]
    7.7K 169 148

    This book only contains Korean grammar. This is really helpful for those who wants to learn Korean. It can even help you to improve your Korean skills. And for this book, you need to understand the grammar so you can easily create a sentence. I hope you guys look forward to it! 만약에 단어 아니면 문장의 발음이 어떤지 알고 싶으면 저 카톡 아이디가...

  • Let's Learn Korean [Phrasebook]
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    The Korean Alphabet also known as Hangul, or Chosongul (Han-geul in South Korea) (Chosŏn'gŭl in North Korea), is the native alphabet of the Korean language.

  • Learn korean
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    Let's learn Korean.. '::I'm not Korean but i'm learning Korean language. In this book there are some basic words ,greetings and any otherss. If you want to learn some Korean words and sentence read this book. ,,................ share this is to your friends if they want to learn korean.. -------->=======>=======>=====...