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  • The Unchanged Fate
    1.5K 72 7

    She was a fire born princess who was cursed to endure all kinds of humiliation in life but still stays intact with dignity and honour. She married the love of her life but ended being divided among his brother, leading her to become the common wife. Her pride and morals were questioned and insulted, but that didn't br...

  • Gone, but never forgotten [𝑨 𝑴𝒂𝒉𝒂𝒃𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒕𝒂 𝒇𝒊𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏]
    21.7K 941 29

    [𝙴𝚍𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚒𝚗 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚐𝚛𝚎𝚜𝚜] Firstly, my intentions are not to hurt anyone's feelings, beliefs or to change our mythology. I honour and respect our mythology. I apologize if anyone is hurt after reading this fiction. Now, coming to the point, I have taken some important identities of the Hindu epic - Maha...

  • Real Love
    33.8K 1.5K 53

    Aishwarya is and average girl in her 20's in the 21st century, you know still in college, lives with her mom, dad, and her annoying younger sister. That is until she time travels to the epic Mahabaratham period...Join her in this amazing adventure. Cover credits:- @Aditi_Shrivastava

  • Unknown Destiny - The Mahabharat Fanfic
    51.1K 3.1K 67

    This is the story of a girl who is best to the good people and just worst to the bad people. She enjoys her life and loves her gadgets so much that she is actually planning to take her phone to even to her grave...... But one day everything changes in her life that she herself becomes the change and starts...

  • Time travel to Mahabharata
    16.8K 657 14

    A 21 century girl travels to Mahabharata time and faces the problems in her Kingdom and with her knowledge improvises her Kingdom. This is my first story so pls kindly accept it .

  • choices we make
    30.2K 1.5K 33

    To be honest I do nt think I belong here ? I mean cmon I am not made for this life what the hell am I doing here!!! They want me to change few good people ! What the hell ! How can I ? I was just a girl next door but in a flash of second I am stuck in this this annoying patriarchal world . I so am not made for this w...

  • Times Intertwining Destinies
    33.8K 2.6K 32

    Three best friends suddenly find the pen writing the pages of their lives changed altogether. As thought processes and personalities of two time periods clash, the possibility of no changes being wrought about is not even an option. Join the journey of the three eldest Kuru princes and of Shakthiselvi, Dhaarya and P...

  • Love that defeats death
    2.3K 127 2

    An Ardi novella . Peep in to know more.. Cover credits - @VelliGAL

  • Dhi
    78.3K 8.7K 72

    Thoughts are quite dangerous things; fleeting one moment and drowning us the other. A tangle of fine web that slowly entraps us; influencing our speech and actions. And when woven together, it presents a tale of unwavering love. "The setting sun, the moon and the stars were the witness to our love in Kamyaka Forest a...

  • The Angel Award 2021 {Judging}
    5K 728 16

    σpєn (😇) judgíng (😇) clσѕєd () Some places are still left so join before they fill up.. Want to get more reads, followers,votes and comment.. Want to get the recognition you and your book deserve the you have come to the right place.. The angel award offers it all.. Join the awards to know more.. Cover credits:- @de...

  • Fandom Awards 2021
    1.9K 171 5

    This is a unique awards about the different Fandoms to mark a beautiful start of the new year , 2021. Status : Open (√) Closed (×) Open till 14 th February.

  • The Integrity Award | OPEN |
    2.5K 397 23

    Its time to rock Wattpaders... Our community the Fervert Bim is the official host of the 2020-21 Integrity Awards..... Are you a new author who is underrated? Are you looking to boost up your reads? Do you want more followers? Do you want recognition? Do you think you have potential in you? And if you do...Well, yo...

  • The Spice Awards!
    4.5K 435 34

    (✖️) OPEN FOR PARTICIPANTS (✖️) OPEN FOR JUDGES (✖️) JUDGING (✨) CLOSED Do you want recognition? Awesome prizes? Great feedback? Head on to The Spice Awards! This is a brand-new awards ceremony that wants to focus on lifting up young and undiscovered authors! We want to motivate people to follow their dreams, and tha...

  • The Book City Awards 2021
    2.9K 278 9

    The first ever Book City Awards are here!!! OPEN(✅) JUDGING() CLOSED() Want your book to be in a honest competition where reads doesn't matter? You have come to the right place where our judges will only see your talent and skills. May the best book wins!

  • Book promotion (On Hold)
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    Want to promote your book and gain the recognition that you and your book deserve then you have come to the right place dive into the book to know further..

  • Mahabharat jump through time
    8.4K 356 23

    Shyra a 20 year old girl from Mumbai is running from her past when she finds herself in the Mahabharat era.

  • Panchali: pandavs pryie
    1.7K 77 6

    She is nature, she is creation, she is the end, she is the beginning, she is shakti, she is Parvati. she is their life, she is their fire, she is his dharma, she is his love, she is his strength, she is their happiness. join Parvati and Mahadev as the are reborn as the pandavas and Panchali. Join them on the path of...

  • Love Between Pandavas Panchali
    13.4K 1.6K 107

    I think love is the most pure in world.For me one of the purest love of Pandavas panchali.So,from my imagination I am writing a story of them.It is just an imagination,so donot feel bad.Sorry for any kind of mistake.Hope u guys like it.Take care and enjoy yourself.And of course any kind of comment for the development.

  • Arjunsangini - An Ardi Novel
    13.1K 988 24

    Relive those times of the Dwapara Yug when bloodthirst prevailed when the incredible romance of the Dhananjaya and Yagyaseni sputtered to life when the world tried every trick in the books to demolish their love, but the lovers stood strong, together. This work is pure fiction! #1 in krishn (28/08/20) #6 in bharat (30...

  • Book Review Shop
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    Here I will give you honest feedbacks on your books as many of you are not professional at all so it will help you to improve .

  • Mahabharat-Drupadi the great women
    47 6 1

    All names of drupadi with meaning

  • Unconditional Love
    66 11 5

    A girl who was hated by her family except her mother does everything to them but wishes nothing except love from them.She wishes to have a life partner who loves her? Does she get it from her in laws and husband?

  • Virata Parvam
    158 18 3

    After judh sabha as per the rules and regulations Pandavas will leave the kingdom and go to forest to complete 12 years aranyavas and one year agyatvas.That means they should hide their identity and live as a commoner.Where do they lived and how do they spent their lives?

  • Crown awards
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    Don't your book get recognition you are in right place. Do you want honest review? This is the place where you get it. open(😊) judging() closed()