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  • Left Behind | Percabeth
    1.5K 37 7

    The dreaded day has come; a draft for the war is on the horizon. Percy is part of that draft. What will Annabeth do, when Percy has to leave her behind? A Percy Jackson short story. Rated 15+ Characters belong to Rick Riordan.

  • The Seven Ways to Say Goodbye (Percabeth Fanfiction) {Completed}
    75.5K 2K 8

    (Complete) Percy Jackson had his life straightened out. He was finally out of college, and now was living with his best friend, now girlfriend, Annabeth Chase. After a freak accident, Annabeth is left lying on the ground, stone cold. Percy thought his life couldn't get any worse. But then, after a night of disbelief...

  • The Library Book
    457K 12.6K 60

    In a world without demigods, Annabeth Chase has been on the waiting list to check out a book for months. As it turns out, none other than Percy Jackson has the long overdue book, and one day their paths cross in the library. This is a story where two rivals find something good in being together, while discovering the...

  • How it all started... But in High School
    88.6K 760 36

    yeah so this is my take on percabeth. i made them high schoolers and stuff is gonna get real. this is also my first time making a fanfic so don't judge it too harshly please. enjoy. cover art: viria